38 week apt!

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38 week apt!

Just got back from my 38week apt. My weight is up 4lbs in a week eeeeeek! I have not been eatting a lot so she said t may be water weight. I have had some more swelling. That was the only bad thing GBS negative and blood pressure is good. Got checked and I was surprised!! 3cm and 50% I didnt expect that at all!! I am a ticking time bomb Smile guess the 7 day work week helped me out after all!

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Yay for a great appointment! I was just saying in the other thread about losing weight at the end that I'm a freak, because I gained 5 lbs. from last week to this week! But I'm right with you on the swelling! It's totally water weight and it SUCKS! Yay for dilation! I hope baby is coming sooooon! Smile

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Yay for some progress!!

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Glad you had a good appt! Yay for progress... hope it means something for you!

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Awesome appointment Smile

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Sounds like an excellent appointment! I've gained that much in one week before too... I hope it's only water weight!

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While it may not mean labor is imminent, any dilation you can get out of the way now without being in labor is less work for you later Smile Congrats on the progress!