39weeks 3day apt!

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39weeks 3day apt!

WOW I dont know what the dr was doing maybe digging for gold but I have never had a exam like that OUCH! He said if I dont have this baby tonight then to come to the hospital in the morning. I lost my plug today also and have had a good amount of contractions and even more since the exam! I hope my bod kicks into baby time tonight all alone! I'm nervous about being induced but more so to have this baby when I'm home alone with my son.

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Hope the baby cooperates on your plan for tonight! If not, good luck with the induction!

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You can have my contractions! I don't want to have a baby tonight, but currently having contrax 5 minutes apart. I hope you have your baby tonight and that I DON'T! Good news is, since your body is clearly gearing up anyway, the induction will probably work quickly. Hopefully they can turn off the pit or whatever they use.