6 week personality change and a new caregiver

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6 week personality change and a new caregiver

Oh my goodness. This child is so much more needy than he has been so far. He constantly wants the boob and wants to be held *all* of the time. He is still sleeping except to eat once a night and goes right back down, but I'm scared for the poor Nanny when I go back to work in 2 weeks. Do you think (if he's acting the same way) it would be weird to ask if she wants to wear him? She's been great about the cloth diapers, wipes and breastmilk, but I don't want to make this the straw that makes her think I"m completely nuts. However, I don't know how she'll be able to get anything done with the four year old if she doesn't...Opinions on how to broach the subject?

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I hear you on the needy part...Abram wants to be held all of the time to, acts like he wants to nurse, but then just gets mad. Lucky you for a sleepy baby at night. We are still every 2-3 hours!

As for the nanny - I would just come out an ask. I don't think it is a weird request at all. You are helping her day be much easier by letting her know that wearing him will allow her free hands to help with Jason!

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i agree with rebecca...i would ask not to break a routine, after all it's our kids right? lol. i recently had this with dhs side of the family. right after i had him i had all kinds of people stopping by my house to visit the baby and most of which was when i had been up all night trying to get him to get a good sleep schedule down. i should've said something sooner because i didn't want to come accross to anyone the wrong way but in all means though, if you want your nanny to babywear, i'd say so. i'm sure she wouldn't object.

(as for my kid) not too fussy nowadays...got his patterns down pretty good. he's taking a pacifier now to ease the transition to all formula. hasn't been too fussy about wanting to be held all the time but he does love his swing. my only complaint is jayden is a light sleeper just like me. the slightest sound will wake him up. he'll wake up several times a night but i've found ways to get him back to sleep.

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:lurk: I suspect that he'll act differently for her than you. You might suggest it as an option though.

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See my thread called The Wonder Weeks- I suspect your little guy might be in a "leap" and that his clinginess will pass. That said, if I were your nanny, I would welcome the opportunity to baby-wear, because 1) it is a pretty magic way to soothe an upset baby, and 2) it'll make it SO much easier for her to be able to do stuff with your older one!

So I agree with Rebecca, I would just tell her straight up that this works for soothing him, and you'd like her to use the same strategy. Not to mention, there are so many benefits of baby-wearing for baby as well (beyond just being soothed).

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I was a nanny in college. I appreciated any tips that made caring for the children easier. Your nanny will appreciate the tip, I'm sure. It's not weird Smile

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I would tell her about it for sure. It may work for her and it may not but give ehr that option. All 3 of my kids like to be held a different way by me than they do by dh or other people. They way I soothe they doesnt work for dh and his way doesnt work for me.
I am sure she will appreciate any advice you have for her.

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"jubileerose" wrote:

I was a nanny in college. I appreciated any tips that made caring for the children easier. Your nanny will appreciate the tip, I'm sure. It's not weird Smile

Yep, I was a nanny for a while in grad school, and I wouldn't have minded that request at all. I'm sure she would rather wear him and keep him happy and be able to do other things rather than having to deal with a fussy baby or have to carry him and try to take care of another child at the same time. You're paying her, right? You have every right to ask her that. You can present it as a suggestion. I had a lot of parents "suggest" that I do things a certain way and I always did it because I wanted to stay consistent with their routines and habits.