6 Wk U/S Appt

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6 Wk U/S Appt

Okay - so I've had a little bit of a long road to get here. 2 yrs trying naturally with anything you can imagine: acupuncture, vitamins, temps, O tests...name it we tried it because I didn't want to go on hormones. After turning 35, I went to a fertility specialist and have done all the tests and what ended up 4 cycles of clomid/HCG then finally an IUI in September. My RE said that he thinks my DH's little guys just don't have a sense of direction.

As a result and all the tests, U/S and hormones and blood tests every 3 days I feel very micromanaged in this early pregnancy. Also, I am very nervous because it was such a long road to get here. Last week my HCG passed 1500 so they scheduled my first U/S today. We hoped to see a heartbeat but I'm only just 6 weeks and all we were able to see was the yolk sac. I could tell the technician was sad she couldn't show us more but she said it was common this early and I probably just needed a few more days as conception can be a wide range even when they do trigger shots for ovulation. So, the doctor had me do MORE blood work and scheduled me to come back next week where he said we should see a heartbeat and be able to set a due date.

Now I'm making myself crazy with worry that something is wrong. Intellectually, I know what the doctor and nurse said about it being very early is true, but I'm going crazy anyway! Any advice?? anyone else go through this??

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Early pregnancy is such a tough time. For instance, every time I pee, I check for blood.
I am 8 weeks and still haven't had an ultrasound, so I'd not worry for now. Look forward to the next one, and seeing that bitty heart beat! It's the best thing. I'd feel micromanaged if I was you,too. Hopefully you can start to relax and enjoy your pregnancy soon. hugs*

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Conventional wisdom is that you won't see anything on ultrasound until your hCG levels exceed 1,000 mIU/mL. However, the gestational sac has been visualized with transvaginal ultrasound at levels as low as 300. In the majority of pregnancies, a sac should be visible when levels exceed 2,000. A yolk sac is commonly seen in normal pregnancies once hCG tops 2,500; an embryonic pole is expected at 5,000; and a heartbeat is seen in the majority of normal pregnancies when levels reach 10,000.

I found this on a website about ultrasound findings and hcg levels and pregnancy....so I copied for you . It sounds like what they are seeing fits what they should be seeing...so I would not worry too much....easier said than done...Im sure!!! I hope the week flies by for you...and Im actually right with you!! Although I have not been in for all the level checks etc...Ive been anxiously waiting for next week for a while now so we can see if my baby is viable too! I go in next Thursday...it feels like FOREVER!! I hope everything is just fine and you get to see that beautiful heartbeat!!!

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I'm on the every 3 day plan with the blood draw too. But I'm spotting and I think that I am only 5w2d instead of 5w5d. My HCG yesterday was 343 and we think we saw the sac. So I know exactly what you're going through. Hang in there and try not to worry, I know easier said than done.

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Early pregnancy is SO TOUGH!!! I know how you feel just in that I'm almost 9 weeks and still haven't had an u/s and I'm waiting til 12 weeks for that, and I just cannot stop the tape in my head that keeps saying, "What if there is nothing there at 12 weeks?" It's HORRIBLE.

I don't have any advice- I just focus on my ticker that tells me how big the baby is, and that it already has arms and legs or whatever, and then I sit and picture that little creature kicking around in there, even though I can't feel it. I just have to play that positive tape to try to silence the negative tape!

Good luck! Come the holidays (like Christmas) hopefully we'll all be sitting around rubbing our big(ger) bellies wondering why we ever worried so much.

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Thanks everyone

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I agree with everyone else! Hang in there. Early pregnancy is incredibly difficult with worries.

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I agree too. The power of positive thought is huge....stay strong, think happy thoughts. By the holidays this will all be a memory and you'll be looking forward to a really fun summer! Wink

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Danny T we are in this boat with you! I agree with everyone that its such a difficult and stressful time. I also look at the TP two or three times after I wipe! And I think every little twinge or cramp is something wrong. But that is why we are here on the board to go through this with others! Just try to stay as busy as possible to keep your mind off of it. I have my first ultrasound 11/10. Until then...I will stay as occupied as possible and if not...I will most likely be sleeping:).

Hang in there...DannyT and everyone else too!