7 day work week!

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7 day work week!

Today starts my 7 day work week. I am not looking forward to it and keep joking that it will put me into labor! I am a manager of a resurant so I dont have much choice!! And my son has to get tubes in his ears and I want a few days off to be with him after that. My due date is the 16th and I plan to work until the 12th if I make it that far. I figure it will just help my labor if I'm keeping busy. The hard part is being on my feet for long they are starting to swell with this crazy heat!

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That definitely doesn't sound like fun! At least the week will probably go fast for you and you'll be that much closer to baby! My son had tubes put in last year and it's surprising how fast they recover! I couldn't go with because I had school and work, but he was back to normal just a couple hours after the procedure!

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Oh my goodness! That sounds awful... but like PP said, hopefully it will just make the time go by very quickly! Rest as much as you can when you're off duty!

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staying busy is good, just remember with these hot days, drink plenty of h20 and make sure you are staffed appropriately. hopefully time will fly quickly for you too but i know how it is to do resturant work so make sure you don't over do it and most of all hopefully business is slowing down due to students finishing up. it has here...i am so glad for that but with that said i also lost several of my crew since they are going home for the summer.