Anatomy Scan

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Anatomy Scan

I had our anatomy scan on Monday, but have been traveling so couldn't check in. Had the follow up appointment today and the baby looked perfect, measuring one week ahead which so did DD and she is 99% in height so maybe he'll be taller too! So far, gained 4 lbs which is great considering last time I packed it on in the second trimester.

And....we're having a baby BOY!

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Thats great news!!

Yeah for BOYS!! This board has a bunch already.. Smile

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Congrats on a baby boy!!! Great pics!!! Congrats on a great apt!!!

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So excited for you, Rebecca! Congrats!!!

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Each time I read a gender result I want to cry!! We have all waiting so long to find out and it is awesome news!!! Congrats!

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How exciting! Smile

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