Any bottle recommendations?

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Any bottle recommendations?

I will be pumping for while I'm at school and baby is at the babysitter... I am PRAYING that I can handle pumping on top of everything. Sometimes I wish I was ok with formula (I am 100% not saying that formula is bad, just not my first choice for my personal situation).

SO! Does anyone have any bottle recommendations for mostly breastfed babies? I just bought 6 playtex drop-in's, but DH FINALLY decided to offer his opinion after I bought them and he doesn't like them. He thinks it'll be more expensive and the idea generally doesn't make sense. I can see his point a little bit, bc if we don't have the liners, then we can't make the bottles. The only other bottle I thought about trying were the Avent style. Dr. Brown's are out because of all the pieces. Anyone have any advice?

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When I was still nursing DS and we were supplementing, we used these: He did well with them! But I will say, he really didn't care what kind of nipple was in his mouth, just that he was getting some food! Wink I bought these bottles, though, because the LC at the BF class I went to while pregnant had highly recommended them. Just thought I'd throw them out there!

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It doesn't make sense for formula fed babies, but it does for breastfed. You can pump directly into the liner, freeze it, thaw it out, and stick it in the bottle all with the same liner. You can't do that with bottles because you wouldn't be able to build up a freezer stash.

You freeze them in these, then take the blue part off and put the frozen milk inside two freezer storage bags after it's frozen and reuse the blue things. Wal-mart and target both sell the generic liners for about $6 for 100 liners and they work just as good as the playtex liners.

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I used Avent with both of my girls. Loved them with #1 and with #2 had to get new ones due to the BPA thing. They leaked like crazy with #2. I dunno if they changed the design or what, but it was frustrating. So, I am not sticking with them this time around. I am going to try a few of the Medela ones or the Born Free bottles and see how the LO likes those once we get to the point that I would like a break from the nursing job so I can leave the baby once in a while! Smile

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We used Dr. Brown with DD and liked them; never had issues with excess gas/spit up. All of the parts kind of stink but since we have what we need from last time, we'll use them again. We use the Medela bags for freezing.