Any one else being a "typical" pregnant lady?

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Any one else being a "typical" pregnant lady?

I just found a video online of some hockey team in Alberta that has an annual toy drive every year for their local children's hospital. After their team scores the first goal of the game, they all throw teddy bears out of the crowd onto the ice for donations for the hospital. As soon as they start throwing the bears, I start bawling. Then as I'm crying, I'm thinking how awesome mashed potatoes would be. lol Oh brother.

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You are funny.

Now I'm thinking of mashed potatoes.....or cheese popcorn. I want some cheese popcorn.

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hahahaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! ROFL

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I cry a lot...and I cant stop I guess Im right there with you! Smile

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LOL, I'd like to know how you connected throwing teddy bears and mashed potatoes?

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I cry at everything.

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Yep, I also cry at everything. Last week's episode of Glee made me cry like 5 times- every time someone started singing.

And yeah, the random food thoughts and cravings.... I'm right there with you!

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"sometimes" wrote:

LOL, I'd like to know how you connected throwing teddy bears and mashed potatoes?

If you can figure out my brain, I would pay you lots and lots of money lol

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I've been laughing about your post for a few days now... the teddy bears on ice and mashed potatoes are a funny combo.

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Yep, cry at everything and really forgetful!

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Yes. I seriously cry at EVERYTHING. It's embarrassing! DH raised his voice the other day and I burst into tears. The other day at Sam's Club, they wouldn't give me pictures because I didn't have a copy right release, it didn't help that it was lunch time and I was starving...what happens? Mega tears. Ready for that part to be over for sure!

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Not so much with the crying yet but Paul is feeling pretty scared of my right now. He said I've been snapping at him more. I'm clumsy as hell too.