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Is anyone...

going to be team green for this pg? Im trying to decide. I have always found out in the past...I have always wanted to start identifying with baby and if it was a he or she...and I wanted to be ready for the proper gender...but this time...Im actually thinking about going for the surprise in the end! Im just not sure I can make it until the end! Its so exciting to find out!! Smile But I really really do not care either way what we have...and I dont really have an idea for which room this baby will take yet, so I think I will do the nursery a little later since baby will start in our room...soo there is not a room to get ready...which makes it easier to have a surprise! Smile

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Me! I have one of each already so I figure why not? It's such a great surprise, I found out with the other two so I really want to wait. My mom and DH aren't as on board but I'm working on them

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I want to be team green, but like you said I don't know if I will have the willpower not to just find out when the big U/S time comes. We found out with DS, and I liked knowing it was him in there. But I feel like it would be so much sweeter to find out when the baby actually arrives. To have it be like in the movies where they say "it's a girl!" or "it's a boy!" Biggrin But DH says he thinks he wants to find out because the suspense will be too much for him. So we'll see.

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I really wanted to wait this time, but DH said he's still going to find out. To me, that takes all the fun out of it if he knows and I don't. My parents thought I was crazy for wanting to wait too... I just think it would be a great surprise since this is our last baby. We'll see, but I'm 99% sure I'll cave at the big u/s and find out.

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I really considered not finding out but DH wants to know and I'd probably drive myself insane not knowing. With DD, everything was pink/purple and not at all gender neutral. So if this one happens to be a boy, we'll have to buy different colors!

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We didn't find out with #1. Won't find out with #2. Best surprise in the world.

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We didn't find out with #1,2, or 4. We did with the other 2. I definitely want to be team green with our next baby! While it was fun knowing ahead of time and getting to get everything ready, there's nothing like the moment of delivery when you hear the "It's a __!". You don't get many surprises as an adult and this one is the BEST! I admit, it's hard to wait, and lord knows I am NOT a patient person but the build up made it that much more exciting!

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Im not strong enough. I MUST KNOW! lol
Kuddos to those of you that are able to wait!

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Ive waited before.....and it was great....but I think we'll find out this time. Mostly bc my DS is desperate for a brother and if its another sister, we'll give him time to adjust.....

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We were team green with the first pregnancy and will be with this one too. It keeps me focused on just being happy with a healthy baby- because once that baby pops out and is on your chest it doesn't matter in the slightest.

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I just can't do it. I have found out at 12 weeks both times! I am just a fact gathering person, so for my sonographer to say, "Do you want to know?" and me to say "No" is just never going to happen! Plus, I don't like gender neutral stuff, and I like having everything picked and organised. I love knowing Smile

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I need to find out. There's NO way I could wait. LOL

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I really want it to be a surprise this time around!! I have one of each and would be happy either way, BUT like PP have said, I don't know if I have the stregth to do so!!

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Hoping to keep this one a surprise. We found out with both of the first two and I think it would be cool to not find out...but will be HARD. But this will probably be our last, so I would like to try the surprise thing once!

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I didn't find out with my first, but did with the other two. It is an awesome surprise to find out at the birth! But, we will be finding out with this one. DH prefers it, and now the kids are dying to know.

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I HAVE to find out. I am not even looking at stuff for the baby until I know. I am an organizing. list making, planning sort of person. There was never a discussion of not finding out. Let's hope that the baby is cooperative when that time comes. I think I get to find out in the 22nd week or so.

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I have to know! With #2 I paid at a private place to find out early since by big us wasnt scheduled till almost 22 weeks so I went at 2 days before 14 weeks. I think it would be so neat to wait and find out but I am a shopper and I cant wait to start buying stuff!

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