Appt Update...wasted time

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Appt Update...wasted time

Hi Ladies! Went in to my appt and waited for an hr. Finally was seen and the doc (new one) listened to the hb for about 2 seconds and said, "Ok, sounds fine." Didn't even flippin' tell me the bpm. Then, she looked at my records and said that I was two weeks earlier than what I was and I corrected her. She apologized and then measured my belly and said, "looks fine." Then she said that she wants me to come in every month for an u/s to check the growth of the baby (due to my history of low birthweight babies). She then said, "Wow! You are a successful VBAC." I informed her that it was true and she asked me if I plan on having another VBAC. I told her that her staff told me it was not best and she quickly stated, "Well, if you come in 8cm dialated, then we will go for it." Who knows. Tried to tell her that the 12 hr shifts a day were killing me and when she asked what I did for a job, it was hard to explain to stress of it. She said, "Well, just monitor your stress." Nice. Anyway, it was a quick appt but a long wait.
She did say that since I am a successful VBAC that my chances of having another one is a lot greater. So...that was it.
I go in next week for a growth u/s and then the next week is my Diabetes test. Sorry for venting. It was ridiculous but happy that I was able to here his hb for about 2 seconds at least. Sad

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My appointments are pretty similar. Lately I've been going to my doctor on Fridays which I've found out is a bad idea. I wait an hour pretty easily and my appointments are over in a matter of minutes. A nurse lets me listen to the heartbeat but they don't tell me a number. I'm fine with that as long as they say it sounds good. Then the doctor comes in and pushes on my belly for a few seconds. That's all he does unless I have questions, which I usually do, so then he will answer whatever I ask. That's it! It can be frustrating to wait that long for such a short appointment but I go in expecting to wait and I find that I don't get as upset if I know it will take a while. Usually I bring along a good book and enjoy some of the quiet time honestly. Smile

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I'm so sorry that your appointment was so disappointing. ((HUGS))

So curious-- what will they "do" if you indicate a low birth weight baby on u/s? Do they suspect IUGR? How little were your "littles"?

Are you a candidate for MW care? I so love the care I get my MW.....I get her for an entire hour for every visit. We chat about everything from what I'm eating, to my exercise level, to how often I poop, and how I'm "feeling" about this baby and birth, etc. It is amazing. I wish every woman could have care like I get, bc it is so valuable and I've learned so much from my is just sad to me how many are frustrated with the care they receive from OB's (and yours sounds just like the care I got from my OB with my first two births....) Nevermind the fact that I didn't see them in labor until I was pushing. *sigh*

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My profile states that I "should" start 8 hour days at 28 weeks. I would ask for another appt and get them to fix it the long days.

Last time I was so exhausted they put me on half days at about 6 weeks out from my due date, but I had to fess up to falling asleep on the way home. He didn't believe me but luckily my dh was at that appt and told him that I called him to come get me and was indeed asleep in my car when he got there. That job wasn't nearly as stressful as this one so I'm going to try the 8 hour days and hope I'm able to give 100% while I'm here. (or 99% to leave time to

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Im so sorry about your must have been the day for annoying appointments!! Hopefully next one will go better!!