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apt with specialist

Had it today...it was awesome!! My cervix is still 3 cm long...Ive lost 1.5 cm of cervix but he said it is totally normal at this point! He said he is NOT worried about anything...no restrictions and no more meds. THey did a wonderful ultrasound and even let me see my little lady in 4-d for free!! She gave me 3 4-d pictures...the tech was wonderful and the baby looked so sweet! Baby is 3.5 pounds and I have high end of normal amniotic fluid...baby is head down and everything looked just great! I am so happy and relieved. I see my regular doctor Thurs and then this doc again in 3 weeks. The specialist said it is the last time he will see me unless I get the cholistasis again...at 32 weeks the outcome for babies born is the same as full term ones (long term outcomes)...so he said once we hit that point...although of course we dont want baby to come that early...babies prognosis is excellent and my cervix is no longer of concern for him after that point! Smile

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That is wonderful news, Amy! But let's just plan on keeping baby in until term, hey? Smile

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It sounds like your appointment couldn't have gone any better! I'm so glad things are looking so good. Reassurance is never a bad thing. Hope you get to have a full term baby!

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Excellent! I'm so glad your cervix is no longer a worry... one less thing! Oh and jealous on the 4D pics! Post, post!

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awesome Smile

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Whew! What a relief. It must feel good to have that done after all the stress of getting it scheduled.

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Yay! That is so exciting-- and I'm sure a relief. Glad you are getting great care and that things look good. Hooray!

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I'm really happy for the good news! Sounds like your body is doing a great job growing your baby. We're all almost done!

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Yay! So glad you got great news AND pictures!!