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apt today

saw my specialist for the last time!!! Baby measures 4 1/2 pounds. Tech said she has "a ton of hair" which made me laugh because ALL of my kids were basically bald!! If she has hair right now...Im pretty sure by d day it will have fallen out Smile My cervix is 1.5 cm shorter than last visit and starting to funnel on the inside (opening from the inside out...which is what incompetent cervix do) so my cervix length was 2 cm at the best measurement, but like I said, the inside is opening....the outside of the cervix is still tightly closed with the stitch. I will see my doc next week...and then at my next appointment after that...my cerclage comes out!!!! I cant believe how fast this is going!! Im so excited! Doctor was very happy with everything...he said cervix for this stage in pregnancy is fine...and we are getting close!! Smile

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That's great! My Perinatologist said she gets a lot more comfortable once her patients are 34 weeks. At that point, they pretty much stop intervening when it comes to preterm labor issues. You are just about there!

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Yay! Great news! So glad everything is going well! Soooo close!! Smile

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Wow I can't believe how close things are getting for you! And who knows, maybe you'll have one baby born with hair. Smile

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Sounds like a great appt!

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Im glad you had a good appointment! And it will be fun to have a baby with hair!!! Smile (It cant really fall out once its there can it?)

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I actually think it can...I mean most babies have hairy body's but it falls out mostly before delivery...preemies can be really fuzzy....plus after they are born...babies still will often lose their first hair! It will be fun to have a baby with lots of hair....but Im not really buying it...seeing is believing Smile

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Well maybe you'll get a hairy one this time Smile glad you had a great appointment!