Audra: Food!

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Audra: Food!

Hey Audra,

I read your blog about eating while pregnant. I got some good tips out of it!! Right now, everything is a turn-off and nothing sounds good. I have to force myself to eat! I snack a lot to keep the sickness away. I've been having pretzels, cheese, popcorn, apples, and got some grapes over the weekend. Anything with meat makes me want to run to the bathroom. Except (ironically), fake hamburgers from mcdonalds with extra mustard and pickles...but I don't think that counts as protein really (I hate mcdonalds usually!!). Should I try protein shakes/drinks?

Do you have any other good tips/ideas on healthy things to eat, that are also easy on the stomach? I don't see my OB until the 9th week and well last pregnancy he never asked what I ate or told me things I should be doing. I pretty much relied on what I learned from PO or IRL friends.