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Baby Books

Anyone already have their baby book? I am going to attempt to pick out both a boy and a girl one and then order it after the baby is here and we know what it is! Smile Just curious if you guys have any good ones you like. I used a carters one for my other 2 and they were fine, seemed to cover all the basics.

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I have already gotten mine for this baby, and have already started filling it in. I just buy a neutral type one, and call it good. I figure there is some stuff that if I don't fill it in NOW, it will NEVER get filled in. Smile I guess both of the ones I've gotten have happened to be Carter's ones as well. I don't spend a whole lot of thought on it though- I got both off the shelf from BRU.

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I got a pink Winnie the Pooh baby book from Walmart for my last baby girl, Parker (where you fill in things). I also got a scrapbook kit from Walmart. It has photos from birth to 6months in it. I had never scrapped before so I liked the kit idea lol. Nice and easy. I haven't scrapped anything since then though.

The keepsake book looks like this (so I'd find a similar version in green or blue):

This time I suppose I'll do something similar. I know I can be crafty. I just don't have the desire or patience to do it from scratch. And some of my friends are AWESOME scrapbookers (and post on the scrapbook board here on I'd feel so inadequate lol. Smile So a kit is the way to go for me!