Baby has cold :(

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Baby has cold :(

Lily Rose has a cold, really it's just congestion so far. Her big sister has a cold/cough. They've been passing it back and forth.
It's hard for me not to panic since my oldest never was sick until she was 9 months old!
So I don't know how to care for a new baby with congestion. In the night I wake up because she's struggling to breath through her nose and I have to prop her up in bed with me on her boppy just so she can breath and calm down and go back to sleep.
There's no visible mucus in her nose, so using that bulb thing is no good (I've tried)- nothing comes out.


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Do you have a humidifier?

I don't think there is much you can give them at this point, not that I would want to as such a bitty babe, but the humidifier always worked wonders for DD's colds. At the very least, it helped her to breathe just a little better at night.

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You could try to spray some saline solution up her nose and see if that brings anything out. I've heard it can help. You could also try some homeopathic tabs. Or even just putting a couple drops of eucalyptus oil on a washcloth and keeping it near- will help clear up the nose. Or Vick's baby rub- I don't put it on their chests much, but more on their feet. I don't know why they say that works.

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Second the humidifier. Lucas has RSV and they gave us a breathing treatment thingie for when he gets wheezy.

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I second the baby vics on the feet with socks and third the humidifier. If money is tight, you can run the hot water in the bathtub with the door closed for the steam effects. Do you have a bouncer or swing or rock n play sleeper for the incline? It might be easier for both of you to sleep if she's not on a boppy in the bed.

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Yup, saline and humidifier would be my suggestion too. And for sleeping upright - the car seat worked for DS1. Sad Hope she feels better soon. ((hugs))