Baby still breech... :(

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Baby still breech... :(

So... I mentioned in another thread (I'm such a hijacker!) that my chiropractor and I thought maybe Kong had turned head down earlier this week. So I went to see my midwife today, and by the time I got to her, Kong was definitely back to being breech, if s/he ever was head down. I've been having A LOT of big movement out of him/her, so I wouldn't put it past that s/he was flipped and flipped back, but... anyway.

After she first checked me, I was still laying there on the big soft bed, DD jumping around beside me, we were just talking- and Kong start going crazy. S/he basically TOTALLY shifted position in a way that had my midwife looking really surprised- baby ended up almost transverse. So the good news is that Kong has lots of room to move... I just need to keep encouraging him/her head down (back to doing my inversions!). If we get to about 35 weeks and s/he's still breech, my midwife will attempt a version, and then assuming it works, I'll bind my belly to keep the baby in that position. If we can't get baby to turn by any means, we agreed today, that what I'm most comfortable with is a very informed, very safely handled (meaning, we don't try to force anything, but follow baby's cues, etc) vaginal breech delivery. This also includes that if anything about the vaginally breech delivery isn't "perfect" that we transfer to the hospital and probably face a c-section. But, my midwife keeps saying that the breech position s/he is in is a very favorable one for a great delivery, and she's delivered a few breech babies before... so I trust I'm in good hands.

So, that's the update on us.

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lets hope for the kiddo was head down at the u/s today until i went to go pee...after that he was tranverse again. i have faith our lo's will move. the movement jayden makes are huge enough itll push my whole stomach, making me look lopsided. lets keep our fingers crossed!

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Stay positive! It's early yet. My baby girl moves a lot. Last night she was hiccupping right on my cervix. Monday she was breech position. Tuesday night I felt her flip down again (and it felt weird and uncomfortable). We all have a few weeks to get our babies settled "down".
And you and your husband will make the best birth choice for your baby- sounds like you have tons of information and that's going to empower you if your baby stays breech. Good luck, feel better!

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Sorry to hear his/her position is stressing you out! This little guy is still doing somersaults, I'm pretty convinced. At my last u/s (I was just past 28 weeks) he was transverse, and 3 days later at my appointment, he was head down against my left hip. He will make these giant, massive movements really fast occasionally, and then I feel him kick in other places. Take yesterday, for example! I was fiddling around with belly mapping on SB, the one where you make your belly into a pie and draw where you feel kicks, the HB is found, bulges, etc., and figured out he was LOT (left occiput transverse = butt/back along left hip, kicks to right rib), which is super favorable for labor. I kid you not, within hours, he was totally flipped around! Silly kid!

So, long story short, take heart! It's still early and they have lots of time to move head down!

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As everyone else said... still plenty of time to move! It must be relieving to know that your MW will attempt a breech birth though. My LO shifts around all over the place. Sometimes he's def. head down, and other times he's back to transverse. If I crawl around on my hands and knees for a while, he gets into a funky position that is super uncomfortable for me, but always shifts back.

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I'm glad that your MW is willing to do a breech delivery, if neccessary. Hopefully s/he turns though so you don't even have to entertain that idea!

This guy is head down and the OB said he'll probably stay that way because I simply have little room left already. He does turn quite a bit as far as where his body weight is from left to right but for the most part he favors the left.

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I'm in the breech club too! I don't think she's ever been head down. I have been trying to encourage her to flip as well (Yoga, inversion, etc) but no dice yet. It is still early!! Sounds like you have a good plan with the midwife - and you probably won't need it anyway. Hugs!

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((HUGS)) I'm sorry, Mara. How stressful.

I L.O.V.E. your plan. It is truly what I would choose to do if I have a breech baby-- though I might have to travel to do that, as my HBMW can't attend a known breech birth (prohibited by state law--boo!) But she would come with me to WY and we'd just deliver there. Wink

Hang in there. Your body knows what it is doing. Little Kong knows what s/he needs.

I'm sure you are familiar with the Coalition for Breech Birth-- but just in case you are not-- here is their website. Robin is awesome-- and she is one of the co-founders of this group.

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Good for you for planning to attempt a breech delivery if it comes to that! But it WON'T. Kong will turn. He/she still has time! Mine was head down for like a week and all through this pregnancy has been spending lots of time head down, and I was getting excited that he might just stay that way. But at a prenatal yoga class on Monday, I did "legs up the wall" because I wanted him to back up a little bit off my cervix and he paid a little too much attention and flipped breech. Doh! Oh well, plenty of time to flip. I'm not worried yet. But I won't be doing legs up the wall again anytime soon!

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Plenty of time for s/he to flip!! Hang in there!

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My baby boy has been breech for at least 3 weeks straight. It's such a different experience than with my daughter. By this time she had her feet firmly planted in the ribs on my right side, and jabbed them every chance she got. But this guy kicks the hell out of my cervix instead. I'll give it a few more weeks, then I'll start to worry if he doesn't turn! lol

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Did your MW mention seeing a chiro who could perform the Webster Technique?

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"Kayla1981" wrote:

Did your MW mention seeing a chiro who could perform the Webster Technique?

We call him by name. Smile My aches and pains are subsiding as I've seen him regularly...but, well, for now, baby is still breech!

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Sorry baby is breech Sad There is still tons of time! Tons!!! Kong could flip at a moments notice. But it is reassuring that your MW is supportive of a vaginal birth!!

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Well, let's just hope that Kong decides he/she wants to do you a favor and flip over!