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I haven't had a baby shower yet. I have a registry on Amazon and have put a swing, bouncer, and play floor mat thingy on there. I have a co sleeper and a crib.

My question is if we don't get a swing or bouncer from someone- do we NEED one or not? I have many kinds of baby carriers, but reading posts from others. A bouncer would be a nice thing to have, if I wanted her in the bathroom with me while I showered if DH is not home. Any thoughts???

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for me it depended on the child. Some of my kids LOVED it and I could really get some things done when baby was in swing or bouncer, but some of my babies wanted NOTHING to do with it!! I know some parents who have said the ONLY place their child would sleep was a swing or a vibrating bouncing wish I had a good answer for you! Im thinking you could live without it...but some moms have had very good luck with them when nothing else worked for getting their lo's to sleep! gl with your decision!

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agreed, it does depend on the baby. If I had to choose one or the other I'd pick the bouncer. My babies loved both the swing and the bouncer, but its a small window that they liked it. By time they are wanting to attempt to sit up (5 months'ish) mine were ready to be done with them. I like that the bouncer is you can take it outside on patio for them to snooze or somewhere safe to strap them down when you want your shower or want to make dinner! Smile With DD2 she would join us at the dinner table in her bouncer. Good luck!

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I agree - if you have to pick just ONE - go with the bouncer! We never had a swing and I don't honestly think we ever missed it. DS probably would have liked it, but it wasn't something he needed. Now, had he been a screamer for days and nights on end, I probably would have paid $4000 for one. Wink But yeah, swings really come down to the baby. I think that's definitely something that can wait.

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My cousin in law has this (I found it for $30 on and craiglist for $20) and if I didn't already have the full sized cradle swing and the bouncer to rocker seat, I would have it on my registry. My ds loved the motion glider and we have that too. I know I"m in the minority, but I'd rather have too much stuff (we have plenty of storage space) and be able to figure out the favorites than not have something I think will help and have to pay ful price for it.

But No, you do not need either one. I'd pick the bouncer over the swing if you decide to buy one.

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Agreed with the others. DD loved both her bouncer and swing, but both for limited times. If I had to just pick one, it would be the bouncer - if you can get both, I would!

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First - you need to post more. I lurk and lurk and lurk and I see nothing! You have to do better. I'm not getting my stalking fix Wink

Second- to answer your question, it totally depends on the kid. We didn't register for any of that stuff but ended up getting a swing and a bouncy chair. I never would have been able to shower or eat dinner without a bouncy and Izzy would never have been able to keep her happy while I ran to the store for something without the swing. Honestly, no, you don't *need* them (especially since you have all those lovely carriers) but they definitely help *if* your kid likes them. I'd try to get them used. You can pick them up for virtually nothing and then if she hates it you can turn around and get rid of them. We didn't want to spend $100 on a swing just to have to get rid of it the next day. Craigslist probably stinks by you but you can absolutely pick these kinds of things up at yard sales. They aren't useful for very long and because they're bulky people tend to just get rid of them once their kid outgrows them.

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I agree with what pretty much everyone has said- you don't NEED them, but, if you're going to get only one, go with the bouncer. I used the bouncer in the bathroom- I was NOT a woman who was willing to EVER pass on my daily shower- I hate being greasy. So DD would go in the bouncer every day, and I would always get a lovely 10 minute shower- maybe even 15-20 if she was having a particularly chill day. I very much hope my second child will be the same (crossing fingers!). That said, we didn't have a swing for DD and we are getting a portable one for this LO. The portable swing only costs $50, so I don't feel like it will be a HUGE waste of money if LO doesn't like it. And because we're getting the portable/foldable one, if LO doesn't like it, we can always fold it away into a closet for the next LO without it taking up a huge amount of space.

Also, just FYI, once DD outgrew the bouncer, I moved her to a sassy jumper thing in the doorway of the bathroom- so she was still contained, and could jump around while I took my nice long daily showers. Smile Once she hit about a year we totally baby proofed the bathroom and now she just stays in my bathroom/bedroom while I shower, but it still works, and she doesn't get in trouble. Half the time she stands at the end of the tub watching me shower and talking to me. Sorry, I know this is off-topic, but, showering is important to me, and I wasn't willing to a) give it up, or b) only be able to do it when my DH is around or baby is sleeping...I love that I have continued to be able to take a shower when *I* want to take a shower.

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I think it just depends on the baby. Not one of our 4 liked the swing-- so I got rid of it after our last baby. I was tired of storing it and setting it up-- only to have my LO hate it.

Happy shopping!