Back from first 'official' appointment!

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Back from first 'official' appointment!

And everything looked great! I got the full work-up, as per usual: pap, breast exam, STD check, etc. Then she pulled out the doppler! I was so nervous all morning that there wouldn't be a HB anymore (when will the irrational thoughts go away?!), so wouldn't you know, she couldn't find the HB! She said not to worry, that at this point it can still be really hard to find the HB with the doppler, so she wheeled an old u/s machine in to do a quick scan. And yay, everything looked great! That little HB flicker popped right up on the screen! Smile Unfortunately, we didn't get to hear it, but at least we saw it and know everything is all good! Apparently the placenta was on top of the baby, so she said it was acting as a sound barrier at this point. Hopefully the doppler will be able to pick it up at my next appointment!

Now I'm looking forward to my NT scan in 2 weeks so we can actually hear the HB! Smile

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At my scan...the tech went for the cervix length before she checked on I could see part of the baby...but I couldnt see the heartbeat...and I couldnt hear it...I was kind of freaking out!! THen all of a sudden...the part I could see moved...and instant relief. After she got her (wrong) cervix measurement we did the baby stuff! Congrats on seeing the hb its always such a relief (at least to me)...and I hope your 2 weeks flies by!!

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Oh Jen!!! I am soooo super excited for you that everything is looking good! And yay for a peek at the LO! I'll keep my fingers crossed that your 2 weeks flies by! :jumpingbeans:

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So glad you had a great appointment!

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Wow, scary!!!! But in the end, fantastic. Hope you sleep good tonight! Smile

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Yay! Glad that everything looks good. What a relief!

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Hooray! I have my first "real" appointment next Friday and I cannot wait!!! Glad everything looks good for you.