Back from my NT scan too!

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Back from my NT scan too!

It went really well! Well...mostly well. Smile Baby is measuring 11 w 6 days. below 3.0 is considered normal for the Nuchal measurement...mine was very good!!! Heart rate 154. Everything looked very good...and the tech said, so do you have boys or girls? I said, 4 of each. I said, Its too early for you to see gender...isnt it? And she said...well, I wont say for sure until 18 weeks...but Im pretty sure I see the gender!! Do you see these bright white lines right here? I said, "yes" She said, "this is the classic Hamburger sign we look for with a girl!!" She said not to buy pink yet, but she was pretty sure...or she would not have said at all!!! So MAYBE a girl!!
The not that good...she was supposed to get a cervix measurement...when I went to the doc he said there was NO way it was was the longest cervix in the history of OB. And it was WRONG! Now...I wonder abouther competency...and...I will NOT be buying pink...but the ob thinks it probably is just off by a little and it means my cervix is fine starting out! Smile

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Glad to hear everything is fine with your baby!

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All of that sound amazing! Congrats Smile

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Fantastic!!!! Smile Congrats........

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Awesome news, yay!!

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So glad it went well! Yay!

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Yay, great news!!