Back from my u/s!

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Back from my u/s!

Well, friends. All of our worry was for nothing :). I went back to the MW today and while I'm still measuring ahead (today only 23 cm :wink:), it seems to have slowed a bit.

We then went for our "big" ultrasound. We are relieved that there appears to be one, healthy baby in there.....

Can you tell what you are looking at?

We are having another baby......boy! We are all so excited (especially Miles and Trey!) All of the kids came with with us to the u/s and Miles couldn't quit grinning. He has been wishing for a brother. Tonight before bed he told me that his wish came true (and that he wants to name the baby Astro Boy.....hmmmmm)

All in all-- a great day. I'm looking forward to sleep tonight since I was up with wild dreams and nervousness last night!

Looks like June 2012 is shaping up to be a month of boys. So fun. My March 2007 board was the same way (and what is crazy is that even in my son's preschool and sunday school classes, the boy to girl ratio is literally 6:1-- funny how they seem to come in waves!)

Thanks for all of the well wishes friends-- I was pretty anxious about today and feel so relieved and so blessed. xo

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Congrats! That is so exciting for your son! Astro boy... awesome! Smile hee hee!

Enjoy your sleep tonight! Smile

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Congrats on a little boy!

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congrats on a healthy baby boy!!! Im so happy for your son to have a special!!!

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Congrats on a healthy baby boy!

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That was an awesome picture!!! Congratulations on your Astro Boy. That's so cute he's ready to pick out names to help. I had the same sleep issues the night before mine and slept sooo good the next night.

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Yay for a healthy boy!! So happy for you, Audra (And Miles!)

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That's so great! If it's any consolation, Jude wanted to name our new baby "Spider" HA!

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Yay for a great u/s appt! Congratulations on your baby boy!

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