Back from NT scan!

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Back from NT scan!

My NT scan went really well! Everything looked normal and as it should be for 12 weeks. I asked if she could humor me and just look for the gender, but she wouldn't because it's still too early. I have to say though, she showed a lot of between the legs shots and there wasn't any sign of little boy parts yet. I've been having super strong girl vibes since the beginning, so maybe I'm right. I scheduled my big u/s, but it's not for 8 weeks yet. Anyways... here's a pic of our baby!

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Aww... I just love ultrasound shots. Your baby looks great!

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YAY! Congrats!!!!!! Smile

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OMG! I'm always astounded by these pictures. How can a 12 week old fetus look so much like an actual baby already?! Congrats on seeing your LO, I'm totally jealous.

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That is awesome!!! Congrats to you!

Interesting about the leg shots-- I'm hoping you get your girl (they are so much fun!)

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congrats on a great apt!

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Congrats on a great appt.!

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Yay! I love ultrasound shots from this age- where they can get the whole baby in the shot, and it LOOKS like a baby. So cute! Glad everything looks good!

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Yay, great shot of your LO!

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