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Back to team green...

WELL! I had my gender confirmation today, and it was really anything but that. Our first scan was at 15.5 weeks and she was pretty sure baby was a girl. We got some pretty good shots and we all saw the traditional "3 lines" from quite a few different angles, and not a hint of ANYTHING penis-like between the legs.

Now today I'm thinking it'll be quick and we'll be in and out. Baby wasn't in a very good position... legs crossed, feet between the legs, and cord going between the legs. We couldn't get a good butt shot with out legs/cord in the way, but the tech changed her prediction to a boy. I'll post a picture too. On her website, it says that she has a 99% accuracy rate, which is why I decided to go for the early u/s. I mean, we still had a great time seeing baby, and will be happy with either boy or girl, but I'm just frustrated with myself. I wish I would have just waited until the anatomy u/s.

At this point, I think I'm going to stay on team green and wait until delivery day. DH still wants to try to find out at the anatomy u/s. So here's today's picture... she didn't give us a good one from last time. And I'll put up a picture of DS2 with his gender shot at 20 weeks.

Am I just in denial?? You can see in the picture the foot/cord hovering right above the "penis" in every picture she gave us.

and then DS2's gender shot

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That looks clearly like a penis to me, unless the cord is just at the perfect position! At 15.5 weeks, it should have been decently evident as well so weird that it changed from girl to boy but I suppose it does happen.

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So frustrating! Can you get another peek on another day to find out? Especially since she gave you conflicting "guesses"?


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On the April board, there's a mommy who got two different gender predictions as well. They first told her boy then changed it to girl (I believe it was that way ha) and the u/s pics she posted even looked like there was a possibility of a penis so she didn't know. Finally when she went in it was confirmed a GIRL! She didn't understand how they confused the two parts but I googled it and came up with this website:

It states "When doing ultrasound, we're working really hard to be able to tell a parent the sex of their baby earlier and earlier. The problem is that the earlier you are told the more likely the ultrasound technician is to be wrong. Ultrasound before 18 weeks runs this risk because the genitals of boys and girls are easily mistaken, namely because the clitoris is roughly the size of the penis at this stage."
Her daughter's genitals were just swollen when doing the u/s which is how they got confused.

So, there's still a chance!

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that does look like a boy to me....I dont know about position of cord or what not...but it certainly does NOT show the 3 lines for a girl. That being my 14 week ultrasound with my daughter Ava who is almost 5, they told me they were 80% sure she was a boy. later at 20 weeks...100% without a doubt a girl....that little nub they start out with just had not clearly defined itself into the labia by 14 weeks, and she looked like aboy!! I dont think I would be able to wait and find out at delivery if I got this conflicting news ....but good for you if you do!! Either way, you know it will be all good!! Its interesting though...because I wonder if my early prediction will end up being wrong. My tech said she saw the 3 lines...I saw what she was looking at...but I really dont think we were in the right angle for it to be what she thought she was looking at!! Anyways...congrats on the healthy baby....and do kup!! Next Thurs we will see if my tech was right or wrong!!

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Thanks for the replies! I just don't understand where the penis came from, because there was nothing two weeks ago when she told us it was a girl. I will love another little boy just the same... I was/am super confused about the earlier u/s and will probably cave and see what they say in a couple weeks.

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I am no expert on ultrasound pictures, nor do I see anything "for sure" in the photo. All I know is my doctor refuses to do a gender scan until I'm 20 weeks along, to avoid issues like this. Is it possible you can re-peek at 20 weeks? I wouldn't hope too much either way at this point. It's still pretty early.

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Well the 2nd photo of your DS2 is very obviously a boy. The first photo is more questionable. It could be the cord because it's shaped funny lol (but it could be a penis and it's just a bad angle).

The baby's little foot hovering over is cute tho lol.

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Kristie has a good point, in your other son's is totally a penis...but in your current sure does not look as defined as the other!! I hope you get an answer at your next is kind of exciting not knowing again...and getting to find out at your next ultrasound or during delivery...I kind of wish I could hold out...but I know Im going to HAVE to know!! Did the tech say how sure she was on your last ultrasound or this time? Gl!!

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Last time she said she was VERY sure it was a girl, and to "go buy pink". I wish she had given us a picture of the many times we saw the "three lines". This time she could definitely see something between the legs, but couldn't get a good angle for a definite boy/girl shot. She was kinda peeking around the legs to get that one that I posted. She was "guessing" boy this time because of what she saw, but said that the cord was all over the legs and going between, and if at my anatomy u/s if they say girl, then I'm welcome to come back for a free ultrasound.... so that leads me to believe that she's really not sure at all. It's not her fault really... baby wouldn't uncross the legs and kept the butt tucked away. Its just that with my 2 DS's the penis/scrotum was VERY obvious and not a big square.

Anyways... the reason why I wanted to know so early was because I start school in a couple weeks and really wanted to paint and get the baby's room mostly done before I start. We will find out eventually! Good luck to everyone else who is finding out via U/S!!

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:lurk: from July

I know the elective u/s places around here won't do a gender u/s before 17 weeks. And even then they say it might be too early, and if so, you can come in again for free. Would she be willing to do that since there was SUCH a discrepancy between the two ultrasounds?

Sorry you were so sure and now you're back to green! It's hard enough to wait as it is without extra frustration! Still, even if you find out at 20 weeks it doesn't take too long to paint, I guess. I know the feeling about needing to get stuff done before school starts back up, that's why I was cleaning like a maniac today!

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:lurk: I am working on baby boy #3 and that does NOT look like a penis at all. Looks more like swollen girly bits to me. I would be really surprised if it turns out to actually be a boy. Hope you get some definite answers soon, I know that would drive me absolutely crazy!!