Back from vacation! (pic heavy)

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Back from vacation! (pic heavy)

Phew! We made it. We had a great week at the beach and are now settling back into our routine at home. We didn't get home until 9p last night and the kids were/are wrecked after a week at the beach and a two hour time change. It didn't help that neither Lexi nor Miles took a nap the entire week (and they typically nap daily!) Yikes.

It was a great week though. Now I only have to return to work for three weeks and then I go on maternity leave-- I'm very excited to have another "week" at home just before I'm due (and hope that this boy is like his siblings and arrives right around his due date.)

Not one airline person asked me when I was due and I had no trouble flying. Honestly, I think they were just overwhelmed by our "party"-- as four kids under age nine, plus my parents made us a party of 8. I'm sure we were a sight. But I didn't swell or anything on the 3.5 hour all was well. I had a few contractions on the way home, but I know I was dehydrated...I hate risking having to pee and turbulence--lol.

Here are some pictures for ya'll. We go to the same place nearly every year (we missed the year that Lexi was born....) And Lexi has celebrated each of her three birthdays at the beach, which is kind of fun.

Our big success for the week is that Miles finally mastered swimming without a floatie.....and got really confident and really good at swimming in the pool. He is so proud of himself. I'm convinced it took the poor boy longer to learn to swim bc he is so tiny and skinny that he gets cold so quickly-- but the pool in Florida was so warm that he could stay in for much longer (this isn't to say that he still didn't get into the hot tub frequently-- even though it was nearly 90 out!)

Callie at the beach. Hard to believe she'll be 7 next month (my other June baby!)

We built a lot of sand castles. Sand + water + kids = occupied for hours and hours

Lexi on her 3rd birthday with her new baby

We spent one day in Clearwater to go and see "Winter"-- the dolphin from Dolphin Tale. Kids loved it.....

Four kids on a boat. We always rent a boat for a day and take it out to an island state park. It is a long day in the sun--but worth it.

My first little man, Miles.

Ahhh-- beach fun!

Mara-- this one is for you. I ended up wearing the bikini more than my tankini-- it was more comfy (darn tankini was tight on the belly and not comfy after a while....)

Waves are fun all day long. Especially with a sister.

And what could be more fun than burying a sibling to their neck in sand? Each kid took their turn being buried.....We had sand in all sorts of bad places!

The closest thing we got to a family picture this trip....

Another one for Mara-- we were trying to capture my ridiculous shadow.

Taya will be 9 in August. Where does the time go?

All in all it was a great trip. The only bad thing was that Lexi got an ear infection on Thursday. Sad Not terribly surprising given the number of times she jumped into the water and the hours she spent in the pool/Gulf. But the poor thing was really miserable....and we ended up in Urgent Care. This is her first ever EI, and first time ever on antibiotics.....but is on the mend now. She was really pathetic there for most of the day Friday, but perked back up by Saturday, I was just really worried about the flight on Saturday evening and how she'd do. But she didn't cry at all-- such a relief.

Sorry for all of the pictures! It feels good to be "back". Now I can start getting ready for a baby, I suppose.

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I love your photos! Thanks for sharing! I love Florida too. Lucky you guys :)Wow you're more than brave to wear a two peice while pregnant! Go you. Your family photo is precious.

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looks like a really great vacation! tfs!!

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Posts: 376 I miss Florida! Born and partially raised there.
Your family is beautiful and it looks like you had a memorable and relaxing time. Your preggy belly is precious! You flaunt it well!

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Looks like you had a wonderful trip, I'm jealous!! As usual, the kids are so stinking adorable and you look absolutely beautiful!

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i lovee your bump, adorable. Smile it looks like you all had a blast.

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Waaaahoooo!!! Awesome pics!!! And I loooooove the pregnant bikini look! Smile You wear it very well! I decided to get a pregnancy tankini because I have pretty bad stretch marks on my belly, and I've heard sun can make them worse... otherwise I'd be letting it all hang out too. Smile So glad you had a great time...and wonderful to have you back! Smile