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Been MIA

Hi Ladies! So much catching up to do! Just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here Smile

Wesley is head much head down that you can't even see half his forehead on u/s. The docs think that I am going to go early so with my C-Section date (4 June) just 6 weeks away, everyone seems to think that I will go earlier than that. My first was 3 weeks early and my second was a who knows.

I had to go in to L&D once because I was having mild contractions...found out I was dehydrated. So, now I am drinking water and taking it a bit slower. Lately, I have been having off and on cramps and constant lower back pain. It is beginning to make me think that Labor could be right around the corner so I am packing up my bag.

Hubby left for deployment a week ago. He will be back mid-October but my mom will be here the second week of May (she thinks I am going early as well and wants to be prepared).

I have a growth u/s scheduled for Thursday to see how big the baby is so excited about that!

I have had my baby showers and just picking up last minute things. Anxiously awaiting his arrival!

Now, must get to the threads to see what I have missed! Smile

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good to hear from you! Hopefully your little guy will wait at least a month...but sounds like your body is gearing up! It must be very hard having your husband away for the delivery! Im so glad your mom will be able to be with you! Yeah...for the shower...and getting ready for the big day!!

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I'm sorry your husband is gone :(. Hope time flies by for you all during his absence.

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Welcome back! I hope that peanut stays put a few more that you feel ready.

Thanks to you and dh for your service. I'm sorry that he will miss the birth....but yay that your mom is coming to help out.

Keep hydrated and rest up.