Birth Plans

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Birth Plans

What are some important items to make sure you don't forget something you really care about for your birth plan?

Are you getting a doula?

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We've hired a doula, our home meeting is this weekend and we're going over the birth plan. I have a few key points that I want addressed in the plan that I will discuss with the OB at my next appointment on Monday. I've alreadyd talked a few points to him and he is very pro-natural / low intervention so I don't think he'll have any issues!

For Me:
-Hep Lock only
-No continuous monitoring
-No Epidural / Pitocin
-Baby comes straight to me after birth

For Baby:
-No Circ
-No Vit K Shot
-No Hep B Shot
-No seperating if at all possible

Of course some of this might change IF a c-section is neccessary again but I'm hoping that doesn't happen and we have a successful VBAC this time.

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Ugh yet another thing I have to do! Write a birth plan! ...

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i had to give mine on the spot monday, felt kinda rushed with all considered but i chose, circ, no epi but chose iv meds if need be, going to attempt to breastfeed, and since baby is head down and they wanna keep me preggo as long as possible they will not opt for intervention unless absolutely need be. other than that, i wasn't asked anything else.

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I'm another VBAC mama, so I'm going as intervention-free as possible:

-No breaking my water
-No internal monitoring
-No continuous monitoring
-Heplock only (no mention of epi unless I request one)

These are the big ticket items for me. Obviously, considering my last birth, I know firsthand how quickly your plan can change and am totally open to that should an emergency arise. I want a healthy baby (and mom!) out of it, ultimately!

No doula here. I toyed with the idea, but never did anything about it.