Birth Story - Max

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Birth Story - Max


I checked into our hospital at 8pm mountain time. I was 4-5cm and stretchy, 80% effaced, and at 0-station. Cervix still a bit posterior though. They started me on the pitocin at the lowest dose. She said they usually start it at 4 units (or however they say it) but they are starting me at 1.

So my contractions were completely tolerable and they WERE causing my cervix to change/dilate. I only got up to 14 (we'll just call them units because I'm not a nurse and don't remember the correct way of saying it) of pitocin. They stopped it there and let me be. My cervix WAS changing, but I wasn't changing fast (not like I cared, I was laboring very comfortably lol). So, many hours into my labor my nurse checks me (maybe 4am, after arriving at 8pm) and as she is checking me she says, "This sure would go faster if your water was broken." And btw she asked me earlier if I wanted it broken and I said NO lol. So in the middle of this check, it felt like she was assaulting me lol. My cervix was very posterior and hard to reach, so she was just digging and digging around in there (no other care provider/nurse/cnm/OB etc has had to dig around like that to reach my cervix before though). So of course, with all that digging, SPLASH! A hot tub spills out of my vagina lol. No really, the amniotic fluid was really warm and toasty like a hot tub. lol Anyway, she apologized and said "oh I didn't mean to do that." I DON'T REALLY BELIEVE HER. lol

I start to get nervous because I WAS on pitocin and I didn't want my baby to go into distress during contractions if they decided to UP the piticoin (since there was no longer a bag of water to protect him). So she checks me again to make sure the cord isn't near the exit - don't want a prolapse. No cord. But there is a HAND! Ah crap, why did you have to go and accidentally break my water woman? lol So she tries to push his hand back up (I was 7cm dilated at this point). Yes it hurt like hell and it didn't work. Then she gets the charge nurse to come in and try the same thing. Once again it hurts like hell and doesn't work. Charge nurse says I am at risk of an emergency C-Section with that hand dangling down, and I should get an epidural now as a precaution. It will also be easier for them to nudge baby's hand back up through my cervix if I'm numb.

I was annoyed, upset and in pain so I said sure, go for it. The anesthesiologist comes in and gives me my epidural. Of course the contractions felt stronger now that my water was gone. So I was kind of whiny and just wanted to get it over with. They checked me again after the epidural was in place, and magically the baby moved his hand out of the way on his own. But I didn't really mind getting talked into an epidural - it kicked in fast. I was only in labor for maybe 1.5hrs more (they did not change my pitocin amount, it stayed at 14 units) when my doc came in, checked me, and said I was complete. He ran off to do his rounds (it was about 5:30am) while a new nurse set the room up for delivery.

What I really loved about delivery was that everything was so calm. We had the lights down so we could get some rest and no one turned them back on while I pushed. No one was screaming PUSH at me lol. My last labor and birth was just miserable. This was heavenly compared to it. He came out in 2 contractions. But they had me do 3 pushes per contraction, so it was 6 pushes I guess. It went really fast though. Just 2min and 35sec of pushing lol. 2nd degree tear but my OB made it sound like it wasn't that bad. Maybe he was just trying to make me feel better though lol. Also, we got it on video! It's at a side angle so you can't see my vagina lol. And with the lights being dim, you can't really see any blood either. It's kind of "gray." But I felt comfortable enough to show it to friends and family members. My boob makes an appearance but that's all. No I'm not going to post it here. I was just real happy we were able to film without anyone giving us any trouble. DH set the camera up on a tripod so we didn't have to worry about it. Biggrin

Super happy labor and delivery! However, I had some weird postpartum issues. My legs swelled up like balloons AFTER giving birth and I had an ultrasound to check it out - but it was normal. They are still swollen today, but go up and down depending on what I do I guess. I still am having that eye issue (scotoma). It's only happened a few times since birth, not anymore severe than before. So I'm not sure what to make of it. But then, I pulled some muscles (I suppose during pushing). I'm not sure what exactly but I've been saying I pulled my groin muscles. It hurts like hell to lift my legs into and out of bed, to roll over in bed, to climb into or out of our garden bath tub, or to lift my legs into pant-legs or underwear etc. Then of course my 2nd degree tear hurts WORSE than my episiotomy did last time. Not fair! lol And since my pain was so bad (I broke down crying one morning in the hospital for the first time the entire pregnancy lol) they made sure I took my Lortab every 4 hours. So of course now I'm extremely constipated lol. I was not constipated at all this pregnancy. I mostly had the other problem - loose stool or diarrhea all the time - so it's weird to suddenly not be able to GO lol. I mentioned some other things in a different post. I hemorrhaged a little (not as bad as last time). The meds they gave me got it under control quickly. But they also made me very sick. I was vomiting for a couple of hours. My blood pressure got really high, as did my heart rate. And with the blood loss I was very weak and just sat there in bed like a bump on a log for a few hours until I got some lunch in me. Smile

So yeah, crappy postpartum for me, but lovely labor/birth.

NOW: Max's bilirubin was working its way up while we were still at the hospital. So they did photo therapy one night. It made the number drop so we were able to go home. The number went back up over the next 2 days so they delivered the at-home bili-bed to us. He's in it now. I hope his numbers have gone down - he gets checked again in the morning.

I'm breastfeeding. My milk is in and he latches very well with a nipple shield, and I'm making plenty of milk. But he is still jaundiced. Also while we were in the hospital there were uric acid crystals in his diapers. And they clued me in that the colostrum probably wasn't flowing through the nipple shield as easily as breast milk does, so he probably wasn't getting enough to drink. OOPS! Anyway, because of the crystals and the bilirubin numbers, I said ok to supplementing with formula while in the hospital (it was only over one night really). But I didn't do it at home, until this evening (Sunday night) because they told me his bilirubin number was 17.8 today, which is pretty high. I don't like supplementing, but he IS doing well with nursing, and so am I, so it should work out ok.

This probably sounds like a big whine-fest lol. But I REALLY am happy with my labor/delivery. Postpartum sucked both times though. Smile

ETA: WTF? I didn't post his stats! Lol 7lbs 6oz, 19.75in long, APGARs of 9 & 9.

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Sounds like a great birth! I'm glad you're happy with how everything went, except for the postpartum part. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing!!!! Glad he (and you) are doing well.

A hand?!!!! Wowwwwwwwww...............

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Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad things went well despite that stupid nurse "accidentally" breaking your water! I would be LIVID! I think I would have kicked her in the face! Haha!

So glad he is here and doing well! Hope his numbers stay down for you! And I'm so glad, despite some PP issues, you had such a great labor and delivery!

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Glad things seemed to go well for ya, sorry PP has been rough! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy those newborn moments with Max!!

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Just got around to reading this....glad you're happy with how things went with labor/delivery. I'm with Jen though...I would have kicked that nurse in the face!! Sorry postpartum has been tough...I hope you're all doing well now!! Smile

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Great birth story! Hope you're recovering well!