Blacking out

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Blacking out

This is a first for me. I was shopping and all the sudden my vision got blurry and I felt really dizzy then everything started to turn black. I was really hoping not to fall over at that point being alone with my 3 yr old. I kept taking deep breaths and it passed. Scared the heck out of me!! The dr said it could be blood pressure or blood sugar spike but they didn't seem to concerned about it at all they told me to drink more water and eat more snacks. Anyone else have something like this happen??

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Lurker* I am from the April board and I had these episodes as well. However the Tuesday before Christmas I was in Best Buy when I began to feel dizzy,hot, and faint like. I tried to sip on a soda but I soon discovered that I had actually fainted and was rushed to hospital. My doctors stated it had something to to with my anemic levels. I was classified as being severely anemic and had to undergo a blood transfusion. However before they discovered that they stated it was blood pressure related. I did continue to get the dizzy spells after my hospitalization so please do not ignore them and continue to inform doctor.

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I'fe had that feeling for both pregnancies. Sometimes when I'm sitting down. I drink a lot of water so I usually eat something when that happens. It's scary.

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Never happened to me, but it would happen to my mother during her pregnancies when she'd had juice or fruit or sugar on an empty stomach. So watch your blood sugar.

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I have had it happen! It has been blood sugar I never leave the house without snacks...but after I delivered happened almost exactly as you described. I was at the pediatric office everything went black...but it stayed that way...for probably minutes...I asked the nurse to take the baby (I was holding ELla as a 2 day old) because I couldnt see. The pediatrician came into the room, they layed me down and took my blood pressure (which was low all through the 90/60). My bp was 150/100...they called my husband to pick me up and I went straight to the doctors. When I got there my blood pressure was a little better...but the doctor said, although can develop pre-e type symptoms after delivery sometimes. He said the cure to pre e is delivery and I had already delivered...he did not want to start meds with what my bp was in the he put me on bedrest for a week after delivery. Everything was fine by then. Anyways...hopefully if its bp related...your doc will be on top of it. Gl!! Oh...I also got dizzy during the pregnancy with Ella when my bp was low...but I didnt really black out with it being low. Hope it doesnt happen again!!

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I had that happen quite a bit. I actually did faint once and knocked out my front tooth. So, take it seriously. My MW said I was probably dehydrated and that I should avoid lying on my back and getting up quickly. It would almost always happen after I'd been sitting. Baby and all its accouterments are lying right on a main vein that brings blood back to your heart and if you stand suddenly it can cause you to become light-headed. Just stay hydrated, try to lie on your side, and be careful when you get up. I got into the habit of keeping a hand on the chair for a few seconds and dropping down to my knees if I felt light-headed. At least then it wouldn't be a long fall if I were to actually faint.

ETA: I have very low BP naturally. That's probably why it happened so frequently for me.

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If I start to feel weird at all like that. I immediately try to eat something- I'm the snack queen- I always have food nearby.

I like putting a cheese stick, apple, and/or some crackers in my purse when I leave the house. Find what snacks seem to sound good most of the time and put a few in your purse to always have with you.