Bleeding Scare (poss m/c ment.)

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Bleeding Scare (poss m/c ment.)

ACK! So yesterday afternoon I get home from running around all day with DH and DS. We have friends coming over for dinner and trick or treating with our LO's in like 15 minutes. I wipe and find brown/dark red blood. This continued pretty consistently for the next hour, at one point tinged with pink blood, until it finally stopped. We got back from trick or treating and it started up again and quit. Nothing this morning thankfully.

Long story short, I've had 3 m/c's, the last one in May. I don't know what a normal pregnancy is anymore. I got into see my midwife this morning who found that my cervix was closed and there is no active bleeding. She sent me for an ultrasound where we got to see a heartbeat and baby is measuring 6 wks 4 days. WOOOOOOOOHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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SO glad you got to see the heartbeat! So glad baby is ok Smile

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Scary! Im glad all looks okay....

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I'm glad baby and you are ok. It is exciting to hear the heartbeat!

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Congrats on a baby and a hb!! Glad everything is ok!