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Seriously uncomfortable. And have felt like this for DAYS. I think this might be a Clomid side effect. Like, ALL of my pants feel tight, but...I haven't gained any weight. And my abdomen just feels achey and I'm constipated. Am I just complaining? Why yes, yes I am.

Anyone else ever hear about this from Clomid?

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Aww! No fun!!

I'm no help because I havent ever taken C...
But I do feel a little bloated from the other C i had this morning.. CAKE!!!


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LOL Cait - too funny!

Erin, I've never been on Clomid before, but I do believe it's a side effect you could have.

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Hey Erin! I had that problem with Clomid this month. I was bad bloated during and after ovulation for days after. That was pretty miserable. I couldn't suck my stomach in it hurt so bad. I also got constipated around the same time so I guess they go hand in hand, unfortunately. The bloating for me has gotten better the further away from ovulation I get though. Hope you feel better soon! It's a pretty miserable feeling.

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I took Clomid this cycle. I was MISERABLE with bloating, and constipation. I'm on CD 19 now and it just started to ease off around CD 17.