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For all you pumping moms!

Any bottle that has a nipple that is "most breast like" for when you have to pump?

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We've just been using the bottles that came with our pump (Medela PIS) and he doesn't have any issues switching between bottle and breast. I bought a bunch of playtex drop-ins for when I go back to school, so we'll start with those soon.

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I've got the ComoTomo bottles. They are awesome!!! Can't love these enough! The airflow is amazing- Lily has had no spit up issues when she gets a bottle. They are $15. A bottle, but totally worth it.

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We've been using the playtex drop ins too. The Breastflow bottles I bought are supposed to be like the boob, but he has a hard time getting his itty bitty mouth around it.

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With DD, we used the Medela PIS bottles at first but then she started refusing me around 4 months and we had to do a lot of work to keep her BFing. She didn't take bottles much then but her teething gave her a hard time and I think she just found bottles easier? We stopped with the Medela and switched to Philips Avent and Tommee Tippee bottles (that have a ton of parts but a really wide nipple base). My IBCLC suggested a wide based nipple like the ones I just noted and using the slowest flow so it's most like the breast.

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Gah. I don't want to think about this....bc I really don't want to start pumping.

Our last dd would only take the Born Free bottles/nipples. We didn't have any trouble with them. Good luck!

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Check out Calma by Medela! It is new and highly recommended!