Bra bliss!

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Bra bliss!

I finally found something comfy-- and cheap--lol!

Bras have been my enemy for about the last 8 weeks-- where I can't find anything that is comfy and provides enough coverage of my *ahem* nipples.

Found these at Target last weekend-- and they were only $20 for two. Yahoo!

Just thought I'd shard bc I know a few others were having trouble finding something comfy, too.

I don't think they'll work for nursing or anything-- but for now, they are much more comfy than the nursing, underwire, sports, and maternity bras I've purchased.

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Glad you found something. I'm still living in my Bravado seamless silk ones. Bras were my absolute worst enemy during my last pregnancy though. So I know how rough it can be!

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Maybe I should try some of those on. I am so uncomfortable in all my bras and bought one I knew didn't fit last weekend.

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