Breastfeeding ?

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Breastfeeding ?

Ok, ladies...I have two children and this is the story:

My first baby: No milk was produced because part of her placenta was left in me (emergency c-section) which dried up what milk was generated due to body still thinking it was preggy. Had to formula-feed.

Second baby: Baby was too small to latch on but pumped what I could and gave her all colostrum and a bottle and a half of milk before it dried up. I would pump for over an hour and only receive about 2-3 oz. Ended up formula-feeding.

Now, my third: I would love to breastfeed but don't really know much about it since I wasn't blessed with the experience. Anything I can do to prepare myself, produce more milk, etc? I really want to breastfeed this time around.

Any suggestions/hints are appreciated!

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natural supplements such as red rasberry leave tea, mothers milk tea, goats rue, fenugreek. pumping after breastfeeding, pumping when you start leaking, pumping when you have free time. eating oatmeal helps. taking deep breaths while you breast feed triggers the let down reflex.

the first month is really tough and painful, but if you can make it past those first few weeks it's smooth sailing after that.

the more milk you take out the more milk you produce. good luck Smile

forgot to add, i've been breastfeeding for six years straight dec 8th of this year. i've breastfed through pregnancies and have also tandem nursed. wow, how time flies.

i guess that would make me a professional. lol

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My first I was young and didn't want to BF'd.

With my 2nd, she was way to hungry for my milk production. I spent money on the wrong kind of Breast pump, (intially it sucked) and I was in soo much pain from never being told how to actually latch a baby that I quit after 4 months. Sad

Now I want to stick to it and not get one bottle out for this one. I am going to buy a medela breast pump this time and just stick with it. You really have to have your heart in it to keep at it. It's dedication for sure. I also didn't learn about nipple shields until my daughter was 3 months old. If i would have had those in the first few weeks, I prolly wouldn't have supplimented with formula due to having so much pain.

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I successfully BF both of my LO's for the first year. What worked best for me was to always pump! I found that the more consistently I emptied, the more I was able to produced. So when I was at work, or couldn't just feed them, I'd pump and store. My DD was harder to BF at first, as she wouldn't latch on right. However, I kept pumping into bottles, and eventually she got the hang of BF'ing through practice and patience!

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I really enjoyed nursing, my DD weaned herself around 14 months. It seemed I always had worries about milk production but in the end I always had just enough to keep her satisfied so it worked well. I plan on nusing for at least that long this time as well!

I think you have to go in with no expectations, do what feels right to you. If you really want to nurse, put all your effort into it. There are supplements, cookies, oatmeal, etc. that can all help with increasing production. The best form of production is keep up constant nursing and/or pumping to help signal more milk.

Make sure you see an l/c in the hospital and look up your local LL League that has monthly meetings for breastfeeding mothers. Plus, you can always email the chapter heads and they provide a weath of information.

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Well, I'm still nursing my 18 mos old, so obviously, we've been pretty successful. I'm a SAHM, she's never had a bottle, I don't own a pump. In th every beginning I used to hand express a few ounces now and then just to have some in the freezer. Never used any of it.

I'm also studying right now to be a LLL leader- which means I have lots of books, and can look up answers for you! Smile

To prepare yourself, my biggest suggestion would be to go to LLL meetings NOW (I started going when I was 6 mos pregnant with my daughter). Surround yourself with people who do this, and for whom is isn't weird, or necessarily difficult.

I have to say, in my experience, breastfeeding was a breeze. I never had any issues- some nipple pain for the first two weeks maybe- but nothing that would ever had made me think of not continuing. I NEVER had supply issues- but, I breastfed on demand- which was OFTEN, and always got me, "Is that baby REALLY hungry again?" (Um, shut up your mouth, it's my baby!) and we were also always together. Obviously, these are my personal choices and they are not the only path to success, but, I do believe they made it a lot easier for me.

Anyway... go to LLL meetings. Ask questions. Listen to other mothers talk about what works/ed for them. After spending 5 mos with these ladies, breastfeeding seemed like the most natural thing in the world to me- and when I faced an issue 3 days post partum of a stupid pedi trying to tell me I needed to give my daughter formula to treat her jaundice or she would die or have brain damage, I was scared, but I also knew who to call (the IBCLC I met at my LLL meeting), and she walked and talked me through treating jaundice with breastmilk only. And my DD is perfectly healthy, and the jaundice magically disappeared a few days later- after my milk came in!

So anyway... breastfeeding (like birth) seems to be one of those topics where women sort of fight for having the saddest or scariest story... but I have to say, breastfeeding for me had been nothing but easy, cheap, handy, healthy... so I guess I lose! Smile

Good luck to you!

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I breastfed both my DS's, and it went really well! One of the biggest hurdles right away for me, was getting through the "crabby phase" before my milk came it with out supplementing. Letting baby latch and nurse is what let my body know to make milk, so pushing through that day or two was a little rough. My nips were pretty sore for a couple weeks, but not horrible. Lansinoh was great for this... definitely pick up a bottle before baby is born! I agree with a previous poster who said to surround yourself with a ton of support. A breastfeeding support group is a great place to get real advice with out any negativity.
Anyways... BFing was a great experience for me, and I really hope everyone who wishes to BF is successful and finds it just as rewarding!

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My only advice is to arm yourself with the knowledge that it's not easy for everyone, so if it's hard for you, it's not just YOU. I BF my two daughters until they both fully weaned themselves by about 10m. For me, the first couple of weeks are HARD. My nipples bleed, and it takes a while for this to stop. Feeding can be excruciating. I thought it was poor technique or something first time around (even though I sought lots of help from lactation consultants), so I was adamant the next time it was going to be different. It wasn't, it was exactly the same the 2nd time around, except before #2 was born, a midwife looked at my boobs and said, "you are always going to have issues". I don't know what she meant, my boobs are pretty normal looking!

Anyway, my point is just that even though others might find it a breeze, as I do after those initial 2 weeks, it might not be that way for you in the beginning.

Good luck Smile

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Read read read and surround yourself with moms who have successfully BF'd (not nay sayers who have no clue.)

We'll all be here to support you.

I've nursed all of my babies for about a year-- some longer. Lexi is still nursing at 2 1/2 (which I never imagined myself doing!) I always pump for the first year while I work and feed them from the tap when I'm home. Good luck!

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I'm so glad you started this thread!! I'm in the same boat as you! I tried desperately to BF my DS, but ended up quitting at 3 weeks due to my milk never coming in. DS was fully tongue-tied, and while he latched pretty well, the physician who clipped his tongue told me he most likely didn't have enough suction power to stimulate enough hormone production, etc. I also blame the horrible LC I had at the hospital, too. Because DS was a month early and a c/s baby, she told me to BF for 10 mins and then automatically put me on the pump. That obviously wasn't correct.

Anyhow, I too am looking to BF this baby, so this is a great thread! I obviously have nothing to add, but I am glad you started this conversation! Smile

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Thanks everyone! You gave me motivation! I am ecstatic that I will be delivering in a civilian hospital (the other two were military) and I will have a REAL LC! I am going to start asking the questions next week at my appt! Thanks again!!!

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Im late, and no expert, but a couple of things I have found...some people dont pump well...Im one of those...I nurse like a champ and pump like a loser.....:) And, really, if your getting a proper latch, it should not be very painful! A little painful maybe at the beginning, but not bad. Its the most wonderful!