Breastpumps? Anyone?

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Breastpumps? Anyone?

What kind do you all have/use? I tried to use a Medela with my daughter and my boobs do NOT like that style. It was super harsh on me and I produced almost nothing with the Medela. I pumped more with a handheld Avent pump. So now I'm thinking about getting the dual electric Avent pump. I'm not working away from home or anything, I just want to pump a stash so I can have some time off as the baby gets older. So I'll probably pump once or twice a day, if that.

Anything that works for you, besides Medela?

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I just heard something good about the Hygeia brand, I think (and like maybe they were on sale on zulily or something?). But, I honestly don't know anything about pumps- never used one!

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I used the Medela PIS with DD and it worked alright - I pumped enough to sustain her at daycare. So I don't really have any reference beyond that pump.

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I just got a Medela double pump... I don't know much about pumps though! I hope this one works well for us.

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Were you using the right size pump horns? I found out I was using the wrong size about a week after we got out of the NICU (lactation consultant!!!) and once I changed it didn't hurt nearly as bad (not that it was enjoyable by any means).

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I have an Ameda Purely Yours pump that I used pretty much exclusively for the first 3 weeks after DS was born, and it was a great pump! I mean, I don't have much to compare it to beyond the Medela Symphony I had in the hospital, but it did the job as far as I was concerned! I just never got enough of a supply to sustain it, though.

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I just bought the Medela PIS and awaiting delivery....

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I used a Medela PIS for DD1 and for DD2 I used a Medela Freestyle. I had no issues with either, will use the freestyle again this time around.