BTDT Birth Stories.. please share!

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BTDT Birth Stories.. please share!

Please post your previous birth experiences, if you want! It may help a first time mom or even a BTDT that mom.

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Here's mine! It's a long one! Smile

Benita was due on April 28th…and from the first day I found out I was pregnant, I was convinced she would be born in May. I actually even felt some kind of an aversion to an April birthday- completely unfounded. The only reason I wanted her to arrive sooner than later is because Joel had a limited amount of time in Michigan, before he had to head back to Angola for work. So, given that, once I hit 38 weeks I started doing everything natural we could think of to encourage my body to go ahead and be ready for labor and birth. I started using evening primrose oil, continued taking long walks, spent time bouncing on my birth ball, and had Joel massaging my feet- paying special attention to spots around my ankles/instep where there are some pressure points linked to inducing labor.

On Friday, April 23rd, I had an appointment for a foot massage with a massage therapist who practices acupressure as well. Mostly I just really wanted someone to massage my swollen, sore feet- but I figured if I was going to be paying big bucks, I might as well have him do some acupressure too. I enjoyed the hour on the table, and didn’t think too much about it otherwise. After that appointment I went shopping- we were having friends (two of my best friends along with their husbands and toddlers) out for the weekend. During grocery shopping I was tired, but, wasn’t really feeling anything special otherwise.

I got home to South Haven just as AW and her family was pulling up. AS and her family arrived an hour or so later. The funny thing was, AW had hooked us up with a discount on a stroller and car seat, and had brought those with her. So we spent the time waiting for AS and her family by putting together the stroller and installing the car seat.

We had a lovely evening that night….Joel and the boys drank beer and talked sports…us girls chatted and both AW and AS asked me periodically if I was in labor. This was an ongoing joke from a couple weeks earlier when AS had visited, and continually asked me this as well. I did actually start having some new sensations…I was feeling a bit crampy, just like period cramps, which was a bit odd to feel for the first time in 9 months! I was also having intense Braxton Hicks contractions. I did answer the “Are you in labor?” question by saying, “I don’t know- I’ve never done this before!”

Eventually that evening I went to the toilet and saw that I lost some mucus plug. I was pretty excited about this, and even ended up showing it to AW because she had never seen her own (what can I say, we’re close!). I tried not to get too excited though, because I knew from my learning about pregnancy/birth that you can lose your mucus plug weeks before you deliver.

So we stayed up way too late laughing and talking that night and headed to bed around 2am. All the cars were parked in the driveway, and of course, ours was in first. We joked that maybe our guests should leave their car keys accessible, in case we had to move the cars. In the end though, they didn’t- we had big plans for breakfast out at our favorite restaurant the next morning, and I was SURE I would still be there for that.

Joel and I got in bed…he passed right out because he’d had very little sleep in the last couple of days, and had had a few beers with the guys that night. He was snoring within minutes! I, on the other hand, couldn’t get comfortable. I kept shifting pillows and rolling from side to side…I guess eventually I reached some level of half awake, half asleep because I started having stronger contractions, and managed to stay in bed for a while…but not long.

Around 3, I decided to get up and stop fighting for sleep. I went downstairs, got online, sat on my birth ball and tried to chill. I decided to check into a website called, which times your contractions at the touch of the space bar. I was curious to see if the contractions were as close together as they seemed when I was in bed. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was contracting very regularly every 5 or 6 minutes.

At this point I was still completely fine between contractions, so, I wasn’t getting worked up. I was chatting with my sister-in-law online (she is in Europe, which is why she was online). I told her my situation and she was like, “You should go wake up Joel! You should call the hospital!” I just kept thinking to myself…I’m a first time mom, these things don’t happen so fast for first timers- this probably isn’t even real labor! Plus, I was still fine between contractions, but having to stand up and sway side to side while leaning on the arm of the couch during them. I also kept going to the toilet because it felt like I needed to.

Finally, at just around 4am, I thought to myself, that I was feeling uncomfortable enough during contractions that I couldn’t imagine having to be in the car for the 45 minutes it would take to get to Kalamazoo with worse contractions. Also, contractionmaster was showing that contractions were getting closer to 2-3 minutes apart.

So I went upstairs to wake Joel. The poor guy was sound asleep, and confused when I woke him. He started rushing around a little crazy, and I told him to calm down and go take a shower. We weren’t in THAT much of a hurry. I took the time to pack up a few more items of clothing, my toiletries, etc and then went downstairs to pack a bag of snacks as well. Finally, we woke up our guests and told them we needed their keys- of course, they all ended up getting up and coming downstairs wide-eyed and in disbelief. Lots of hugs all around, I updated my facebook status (“light your candles ladies, this is it!”) and we were on our way.

We stopped to pick up my mom, who was also attending the birth, from her house, and I had a few more contractions there. During these contractions I had to stop, lean on someone or something and breathe. By the time we got in the car and on the road I decided that it was time to call Jessica, our doula. It was 5:10am. My mom talked to her at first, and then I did as well. I had to take breaks in our conversation during contractions. Jessica encouraged me to breathe through contractions, to do low moans and to picture contractions like waves. I had learned about the wave visualization in my birth class with Jessica, and I really liked the idea of myself as a little surfer riding the waves of my contractions- probably the only surfing I’ll ever do. I spent contractions on my elbows and knees in the back seat, head buried in a few pillows. Between contractions I sat up, and kept glancing at the speedometer. It seemed like Joel was driving SO SLOWLY- but it was dark and rainy, so after the fact, I don’t blame him.

We got to my Dad’s house around 6. We had called ahead and told him to start filling up their big tub for me to labor in. When we arrived I got right in, but, the tub just wasn’t quite big enough for me to sit the way I wanted to, the water was making me hot, and basically, it just wasn’t working. I got out of the tub, and went and kneeled on the floor by the bed. Joel kneeled behind me. He tried all of the counter pressure points he had learned from Jessica, but, nothing he or my mom did made me feel better. I stood up and labor danced with Joel a little. During one contraction I felt a big gush. I thought it would be just more mucus or something. I told my mom to get me a new pair of undies and went to the toilet. When I took off the other undies they were full of bloody show- lots of dark red blood! That freaked me out a little bit. Sitting on the toilet actually felt pretty good, so I stayed there for a while. After a few more contractions though, I suddenly started feeling like I needed to push! It seemed like I had only been in labor for such a short time I could not imagine that I was already having these sensations!

Finally, I told my mom I wanted to lay down, so she put a couple towels down on the bed for me. I went and lay down and with the next contraction I felt another big gush come rushing out of me. I wasn’t wearing any bottoms, so this fluid all landed on the towels. I’m pretty sure that this was actually my water breaking, but, because baby was so low, there was no gush of waters- instead the force of the membranes rupturing pushed out more bloody show. Now it was Joel’s and my mom’s turn to freak out because we were still at home, they were both surprised at the amount of blood and they didn’t know what to do.

Luckily, Jessica showed up right at that moment- it was 7am. I heard my mom whisper about the amount of blood and Jessica calmly answer, “That is a little more than usual…” Jessica came over by me and asked how I was. With another contraction coming on, I told her that I was feeling the urge to push. This was not ok! Jessica declared that it was time to go to the hospital NOW. When another contraction started and I involuntarily pushed again, Jessica very firmly told me that if I wanted to drive to the hospital, I needed to stop pushing. Our other option, if I couldn’t stop pushing, was to call an ambulance. Calling an ambulance was the last thing I wanted to do, so I lied and said I would stop pushing. I had no idea if I would be able to, because it felt very involuntary, but, I did not want to call an ambulance!

The only problem now was that I didn’t feel like I could move, but Jessica was dead set on getting me dressed, in the car and to the hospital. Contractions were coming two minutes apart and lasting about a minute, which means my team only had minute long spaces to try to get me dressed. Jessica took charge like a pro (she is one!) and got me decent enough to go in the car.

Once again I was in the backseat on my hands and knees. This time I was staying in that position the whole time. Joel was driving and Jessica was in the passenger front seat. Mom drove Jessica’s car to the hospital. Getting in the car at this point was seriously unattractive, but, it was the only thing to do. Joel drove like stunt driver- he says he broke at least 4 major traffic laws that morning. I have to say, he did a really good job. The drive was relatively smooth and we definitely got across town in record time.

When we got to the hospital, Jessica told me that she was going to get me a wheel chair only because it would be the fastest way to get me up to the 6th floor labor and delivery unit. I chose to kneel in the chair instead of sit- actually sitting at this point would have been impossible! I remember the security guard who wheeled me saying, “Is that the way you’re going to sit?” And I was like, “YES!” We got up to L&D quickly with me still trying not to push with the contractions. Even in the car Jessica kept coaching me to vocalize- to send the energy of the push out my throat rather than through my body. I have to say in the car, with my bum in the air and sending the energy out my throat I was actually able to just breathe through a couple of the contractions- not all of them. When I reached L&D however, kneeling in the chair, I couldn’t not push. I knew the nurse who greeted me, an old friend, Pat- I recognized her by her voice, because I was facing the floor- and I was happy to hear her- but she said she was about to go home. It must have been just before the 8am shift change at this point. I was bummed Pat was going home, because I think it would have been awesome to be attended by her, but, the good news was that my midwife was coming on duty at the same time. This was very happy news.

When I got into the room they wanted me to get in bed- they also wanted me to put a gown on and I growled at them, “I don’t want a gown!” I heard Jessica in the background calmly saying that I wanted to wear my own clothes. I ended up just getting naked because they wanted to be able to do skin to skin as soon as the baby was born. This was fine by me.

At this point I have to mention that I have very little idea what this room I was in looked like because since labor had gotten intense (about the time Jessica reached us at my Dad’s house) I had pretty much closed my eyes and kept them shut. Even when I got in the bed at the hospital I kept my eyes shut.

I refused to lay on my back- I think I got on my hands and knees. This made doing an initial monitoring harder on the nurses, but I was very clear within myself that I was not there to make their job easy (nor was I there to make it hard necessarily), but I was there to do this the way that I felt I needed to do it. So I managed to stay in the bed for 15 minutes, which I know only because they wanted to do a full 20 minute monitoring strip, but I said I needed to go to the toilet. The nurse tried to keep me in bed, saying, “If you can do 5 more minutes now, you can be done with the monitor,” but I was having none of it. I went to the bathroom and peed- maybe for the last time. I know later on I felt a constant need to pee, but, was unable to- and it could have either been that baby was cutting off my ability, or I was confusing the pressure of baby descending with needing to pee.

Things get a bit fuzzy for me here…I must have gone back to the bed to finish the monitoring. I hated that monitor. In fact I hated being checked at all. After those initial 20 minutes on the electronic monitoring, the nurses only used the Doppler to check on baby periodically, but, I hated it anyway. For some reason it seemed every time they checked on the baby, they pushed on me in one way or another that really made things uncomfortable. I know after a while I got in the tub there, and even though this tub was deeper it still wasn’t wide enough for me to get into a comfortable position. I can definitely understand the appeal of a birthing POOL now. I stayed in the tub for a while with someone putting cold wash cloths on my neck and back. After a while though, I was just too hot again so I got out again. I recall that I was still leaking a lot of fluids, including a ton of blood. The bath water was red by the time I got out, and every time I moved I left a trail of blood behind me. The nurse explained later that this was probably because I was dilating so quickly, the capillaries in my cervix were just bursting with the pressure.

After laboring on the toilet for a bit more, Jessica suggested that I get in bed on my hands and knees. I think this coincided with the nurses being desperate to check me as well. I had been at 6cm when I got to the hospital, and had very quickly (37 minutes later) progressed to 8. At this point (9:20am) when I got checked I believe I was pretty much “there” but I had a tiny lip of cervix left. Since I had already been pushing for quite some time, there was a little bit of concern for my cervix getting swollen from the pressure, so, the hands and knees position was perfect anyway for helping take the pressure off my cervix and helping me finish achieving “go mode”.

I stayed on my hands and knees for what seems to me a long time- I was sleeping soundly between contractions. Jessica called this the rest and be thankful stage. My contractions spaced out quite a bit as well. I know the room was quiet and I asked at one point for someone to close the window shade because I wanted it dark too. Joel and Jessica made me drink water now and then, and kept up with the cold wash cloths too. I just kept my eyes closed, and grunted, groaned and moaned through contractions. I was in my own world, and didn’t care at all about what sounds or anything else that I was making.

Finally, I said again that I wanted to go to the bathroom. I felt like I had to poop, and I was still aware of not wanting to do that on the bed. When I got on the toilet I couldn’t pee or poop, but, I could feel that baby’s head was getting really low. I wanted to reach down and check it out, and I regret not doing so- but, in a way, in having closed my eyes, I had shut down my senses- I wasn’t up for anything more than experiencing what was happening in my body, it was too much to ask for me to see or hear or touch something. I did however feel what is commonly referred to as the “ring of fire”- I was starting to get stretched out and it was starting to burn!

When I finally got back in bed I was tired, and chose to lie down on my left side. I know they came at me with that monitor again and I hated it again. My midwife showed up though and wanted to check me again, and when she lifted the sheet to do so, she didn’t have to- baby’s head was right there! So, she was already crowning, and all I had to do was push her the rest of the way out. It was 10:20am.

This is where this birth experience took a little bit of a negative turn for me- I was ready to push and this got everyone all excited. Nurses appeared, my midwife stuck around, I think some lights got turned back on… and people started touching me- NOT what I wanted! They kept putting the monitor back on my belly- but pushing it into me because baby was so low they had to really shove it into my belly to get a reading. And they kept putting their hands on, in or around my vagina which was just really unpleasant too. You wouldn’t think that when you have an 8lb baby coming OUT that a normal sized finger going IN would hurt, but, man, THAT was agony.

At this point I was still side-lying in bed. I was holding Joel’s hand and he was saying encouraging things to me. I was pushing with contractions. The ring of fire intensified. I had the thought in my head of getting into a better position- like squatting or on my hands and knees, but, I couldn’t talk. I had been pretty non-verbal the entire labor, and this was not changing now. Jessica asked if maybe I would want to change positions- but the medical staff kept saying that the baby would be out with the next push (her head was RIGHT there) and something else about if I were to get into certain positions they would have to do something with the bed, blah, blah- it was too much hassle. So I stayed how I was- but I resisted with great force when someone tried to just tip me over onto my back.

I pushed and pushed and things were painful now. I didn’t feel like I was in a position to actually put any power behind my pushes- with the way my body was (too horizontal) I couldn’t engage my muscles. Also, the midwife kept putting her fingers inside of me, and that just really, really hurt. I don’t think this part of labor would have been as painful or taken as long had I been able to change positions.

During this part I finally got vocal again- and for the first time instead of just moaning and groaning was actually yelling words too. My mom said that at one point I did actually yell something along the lines of, “It’s killing me!” I don’t remember this, and neither does Joel or Jessica, but, they all agree that the last few sets of contractions were very intense.

It was during this time that I finally opened my eyes a little bit, just to look into Joel’s eyes. He was right there, holding my hand, and crying- I can imagine it was hard for him to watch me in pain. But it only took a couple more pushes and then the head was out, and then they eased the shoulders out, and then my midwife was telling me to reach down and take my baby (10:57am!). The baby landed on my chest, and someone asked what it was. Joel looked down and someone raised one leg so he could get a glimpse of the right parts… and then he started crying even more as he declared, “We got a girl!” I was in complete disbelief and said something along the lines of, “A girl? How did we get a girl?” And then I promptly apologized to my daughter for calling her a boy for 9 months. It was April 24th, she weighed 8lbs1oz and was 19in long.

We cuddled for a little while, and then Jessica helped me get Benita latched on. She nursed for an hour! Later that day she slept for nearly 7 hours straight! It was a big day for all of us! What a wonderful, natural experience!!!

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Love your story, Mara!

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Well, my birth story is nothing like I had envisioned. I imagined going into labor sometime around 40 weeks, getting an epidural (cause no way I wanted to feel that pain) having my baby and wham I'm done. That didn't exactly happen. This is all from my sketchy memory since the original birth story I posted on porg is long gone.

Thursday: at 33 weeks exactly I went in for a check-up. My blood pressure was up a bit so they had me lay there and wait about 30 minutes before they took it again. I had just left work and my job had me stressed out, so I remember joking with DH that he was stressing me out and he needed to leave so I could calm down. Anyways, they took my BP again and it was still high. I also had a bit of protein in my urine. Up until this appointment I was fine, minus some pretty bad edema. Anyways, my doctor told us we needed to go straight to the hospital.. DH and I had arrived in separate cars so we asked if we could drop one off at home and then go.. he said No! Go! and we did. We get there and I was immediately put in triage. The nurse was joking around with me a bunch, telling me that doctors over reacted a ton and that 9 out of 10 times women were sent in for high BP they got sent home. So they start the monitor and my BP just kept going up. They had inserted a catheter at this point and taken a lot of blood. The on-call doctor came in to see me and basically told me I wasn't going home pregnant. At that point my BP got to like 190/120, something insane.

Thursday night: They get me admitted to a room and start me on magnesium sulfate. They also started the steroid shots for DD's lungs. I had some x-rays done (I can't remember for what) and some other random stuff, all that is a blur. That night was relatively uneventful.

Friday: Not a whole lot happened during the day that I can remember. They weren't letting me eat because they weren't sure if I would need a c-section. People started arriving in town (my baby shower was supposed to be the next day, Saturday), so I had a lot of visitors. Towards afternoon I remember seeing a high risk doctor. She did an ultrasound and said DD was a little small for her gestational age, around 3.5 lbs (just a few days prior I had an ultrasound that put her at 4 lbs even). Also around this time is when they decided to do a 24 hour urine collection. A few hours after starting that they realized I wasn't putting out much urine at all, which meant my kidneys were shutting down. I was getting all this fluid pumped into me by IV but barely anything was coming out... you should have seen my swollen mess of a body, ick. Also during this time I meet the NICU doctors who are pretty reassuring.

Friday evening: 6 PM rolls around and they tell me to prepare because at 8 PM I'm going in for my c-section. I'm really anxious at this point but also kind of out of it because of the magnesium sulfate. So anyways, they roll me back to the OR and DH heads to get dressed.. he looked so funny in the coveralls. The anesthesiologist was trying to give me an epidural or spinal, I can't remember which right now and it wasn't taking so he had to give me something else.. it hurt so bad! I loved how they told me not to move while someone was sticking what felt like a 10 inch needle in my spine. Eventually we got it and I was numb, DH came in and up went the curtain. I could feel some tugging and pulling but it wasn't bad at all. Then I started feeling sick. I ended up throwing up several times while they were pulling DD out. They showed me a brief glimpse of her but I was throwing up at the time so I don't particularly remember what she looked like. Her APGARs were 4 and 7 and they immediately rushed her to the NICU. She was breathing but needed some help. Me, I was still really sick and couldn't stop shaking and I was just so cold.. my BP dropped really low and they had to work to get me back to normal for about an hour. They kept me on the L&D floor for the next 24 hours while I got more magnesium sulfate... during this time I wasn't allowed out of bed, so I didn't get to see my daughter (besides that brief glimpse) for a full day after she was born. That was pretty crushing for me... people kept taking pictures of her and showing me, which I appreciated, but pretty much everyone in our families got to see her before me. Anyways, at 8 PM I was raring to see her, literally counting the stupid minutes to get off the magnesium and go down there. They put me in a wheelchair for that initial visit and I finally got to see my baby. I was let out of the hospital that Sunday. My DD was in for a total of 17 days but despite needing help breathing the first few days (we got to hold her the first time at I think 4 days old) and just needing to gain some weight, she did amazingly well.

So, although my birth kind of sucked, I wasn't traumatized or anything. In retrospect I would have done a lot differently. I would have asked a LOT more questions. I would have stood up for myself a bit more, instead of just doing what the doctors wanted. The biggest thing I learned out of this is that YOU are your biggest supporter, and that you need to ask and understand, not just go along.

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Mara, why were they putting their hands in you? I have never had that happen...unless they were trying to force a lip of the cervix to go away....but for them to keep doing it? Except for Nathan who was a disaster all around...and it was fingers and anything else they could use to pull him out...I have NEVER had doctors sticking their hands in when I was pushing out! Great story though!!!! How has your bp been this time? I hope you dont have a repeat of bp trouble! Sounds like your baby did really well for being so early!! Tfs!
I will tell Jacob's story...his was most recent...
I was just about 38 weeks along I had been having loads of bh and felt like things were starting to happen anyways...but I was also starting to itch like crazy. I called the doctor and was tested for cholistasis and indeed was just at the start of it. Once you are diagnosed with this they have to keep a very close eye on baby. They sent me the next day for a Biophysical profile (a detailed ultrasound when they look for certain criteria and give you a score) which lets them know baby's well being. During the 30 minute ultrasound Jacob did not move...not once. She pushed she shook, I ate, I drank, and NOTHING we could not get him to move....for the entire thing. He was alive...but not moving. She sent me in to see the doc...he walked into the room, told me I had "failed the test miserably" and I was to head straight to l&d because baby needed to come out as soon as possible. I went home got my kids together and headed to the hospital. When I got there they got me set up in a room and checked me to see what course of induction we would need. I was already 4 cm. THey started pictocin to get his head down because they were afraid of a prolapse if they broke my water...his head was high! After a little while they were able to break my water....I dont think I changed much in that time...I believe I was only like 5 cm. After they broke my water things went much quicker and they were able to turn the pictocin off. I started really feeling the cx and asked for the epidural. My pain was immediately gone...and I was able to rest. They woke me up about 2 hours later and said he was having decels they needed to check me. I was 10 cm Jacob's head was right there. I pushed 3 times and he was out...did not feel anything but pressure. I was checked into the hospital about 6 pm...he was born at 11:15. They let me just hold him skin to skin for hours and did not try to do ANY of the usual stuff. They let me nurse him and just cuddle him. His apgars were 9 and 10. He weighed 8 lb 5 oz. After several hours before shift change they stuck a diaper on him and gave him a quick clean in my room and handed him back to me. He nursed like a champ from the very beginning. He stayed by my side the entire hospital stay. It was a really wonderful experience!! Hope this one can go just as smoothly!!

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I had had a lip right near the end, but, they declared me I think it was all gone. I think she thought she was being helpful, trying to help the baby squeeze through that hardest part...but I am SURE that changing positions would have helped more than what she was doing. After she was born, the midwife and nurses kept saying that she was either "stuck" by her ears or her cheeks (her cheeks were MASSIVE when she was brand new). Anyway...I really did love that midwife, but, yeah, I do wish she would have been a bit more hands off during that process!

Jaime- I'm glad you weren't traumatized by your birth- though I have to say it doesn't sound like it would have been easy to get through! Here's hoping that since you'll have a scheduled section this time you can insist on things like not being separated, etc.

Amy, if Jacob was fine when he was born... did they ever have any idea why he didn't move during the ultrasound? Glad it all ended well with him though! And that is wonderful that they didn't take him from you for anything. I had the same experience- I even gave Beni her first bath.

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Mine is not very positive, but I tried to be light-hearted about it. Or maybe it will just comes off as sarcastic lol. Anyway, here it is:

At 39wks 0 days I went in for my weekly check-up and had my membranes swept. The next day I went into labor on my own, 39wks 1 day, 85% effaced and 3cm dilated (those facts and some others give me a very favorable Bishop's Score). The only problem was my contractions were 3-5min apart - not 2 minutes. They didn't really want to admit me. I said to the triage nurse "Oh I don't mind a little pitocin to give my body a push." Plus, my husband is a trucker and was home at that moment, so he would BE THERE FOR THE BIRTH! Smile I didn't want to get sent home. My Certified Nurse Midwife approved the pitocin. And that's when everything went down hill. Smile

They didn't hook me up to the pit for a couple more hours (had to get me a room, wheel me in, and my first nurse was told to go home because they were overstaffed, so I had to wait for my 2nd nurse to come around etc etc). Then the pit starts. The contractions went from being normal (slowly peaks, then goes down) to being pure evil (I swear all they did was peak, and stay there lol). The nurses/staff manipulated me into an epidural (it wasn't that hard to get me to say yes, but they did put some fear into me)... "Well if you don't get it NOW you'll have to wait 2hrs + because we have a few C-Sections scheduled. The anesthesiologist will be busy." Well frack. Ok give me the epidural since you are making me feel panicked lol. It took an hour to kick in. But then I was ok. I went from 3cm to 10cm in about 3hrs. Smile So that pitocin sure did it's job lol. No 24hr terrible labor for me! lol

I vomited a bunch of times. My BP shot up really high. I was very weak and they kept shoving the O2 mask on my face (even though I was about to puke). Annooyyyiiinnng. lol Then my midwife came in to break my water (I was already 10cm and the bag was bulging out). But afterward the contractions compressed the umbilical cord and the baby started having heart decelerations over and over (later discovered the cord was wrapped around her chest a few times). So I had to push her out ASAP. I was still vomiting, kind of out of it, and had an epidural, so I wasn't a very effective pusher. Beee So they got out the vacuum. The vacuum didn't work. I was this close to having a C-section when my midwife gave me an episiotomy, inserted the forceps, and pulled baby out. (They had already paged the Dr for a C-Section, but he walked in right as my midwife pulled baby out). All I could say when they put her on me was, "She isn't crying" in a flat tone of voice lol. (Well she wasn't!! haha and she was all purple lol). But she pinked up and cried and was just fine. Smile

For about 1hr after the birth every thing was ok. I was holding the baby, getting stitched up, and even tried breastfeeding. But then I started feeling light headed and nearly passed out. Felt like the life was being drained out of me. I called the nurses back into my room. They were on their way out the door and I yelled out "Wait! Something's wrong!!" My previously high BP was now dangerously low, (the monitor said something like 80/50 but can't quite remember). I was hemorrhaging. Oh goody. My body went into shock. I was freezing. And since my BP was low they had to pump me full of fluids to raise my BP back up. They pulled these IV bags straight out of the fridge. It felt like ice water was being pumped through my veins. Queue more puking, more pitocin, a shot of methegrine in my hip, a suppository of Cytotec, and way too many people poking and prodding and massaging my uterus. And later on a blood transfusion.

A few hours later.... Woo hoo I'm alive and stable! lol The next day I was so damn swollen from all the IV fluids they pumped into me that I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head haha.

Anyway, I was VERY sore from everything, and had trouble walking. So I did take my fair share of Vicodin the first week and use lots of ice packs, numbing spray, and tucks pads. Smile

When they gave me my blood transfusion the needle infiltrated my vein. So they had to switch to my other arm. No biggie right? WRONG. I ended up with phlebitis really badly. My whole arm was in pain for a month (like even putting a light amount of pressure on it hurt really bad). And then I got my very first UTI (probably partly due to the episiotomy, but who knows).

Moral the story ladies.... stay away from unnecessary interventions. I didn't need the stupid pitocin, I just didn't want to get sent home, and the pit is the whole reason my uterus became over worked and crapped out, and wouldn't firm up. I mean, going from 3cm - 10cm in 3 hours, for a first time mom is pretty fast (not unheard of though). My body didn't take it too well.

My baby was put in the NICU the next day (more toward the afternoon). Her blood sugar was really low, so they ran some tests, then they found out her C Reactive Protein level was low or something (I don't even remember what that means). Then she started showing signs of being jaundiced. And I think part of all this was because I was extremely drugged and medicated the next day after birth (I gave birth around 10pm, I slept ALL NIGHT til 6am because I was drugged. You should have heard me talking to my nurse who wheeled me into post-partum - I didn't make any sense). So the baby was in the nursery all night. They brought her to me in the morning, but I was still loopy. Her pediatrician came in doing rounds and I could barely talk to her lol. And I wasn't feeding the baby like I should (we used formula because of the meds I was given the night before). I think at one point 5hrs went by between feeds. (But she wasn't crying). So I think THAT is why her blood sugar was low. And she wasnt eating enough to pee the bilirubin out you know? I even told the nurses at one point to take her back to the nursery because I didn't feel fit to care for her. And they looked at me like I was crazy (I wasn't abandoning her or having attachment issues lol, I just wanted to make sure I didn't drop her on her head or sleep through her crying from my meds). Anyway, by that evening AFTER she was put in the NICU I was back to normal and I was walking to the NICU to see her (ok the first 2 times I was in a wheel chair, then I walked the rest of the time lol), and breastfeeding every 2-3 hrs in there. She had an IV in her head, and leads all over her but she was fine. No breathing or heart issues. She was let out after 5 days. The hospital let DH and I "board" in our post-partum room the whole time (I didn't have a nurse assigned to me after the 2nd day though). That was very nice and convenient.

Anyway I seriously DO NOT want pitocin coming anywhere near me this time around. Including a shot of it to help deliver my placenta. The contractions I had that were 3-5min apart were uncomfortable but tolerable. I'm hoping if I stay away from pit I won't feel any desire for an epidural either. I'll be able to feel myself pushing, and I won't need an episiotomy to fit forceps inside me to yank my baby out. And then I won't hemorrhage from my uterus being overworked (going from 3-10cm in a short time frame). Then I won't need a blood transfusion, I won't need all kinds of crazy meds making me loopy and unable to feed my baby, her blood sugar won't drop, and she won't get admitted to the NICU. That's what I learned from my daughter's birth. Smile

Oh PS: Even though she had a vacuum on her head, there was no ring left. They didn't put a cap on her head, just a bow for her whole stay at the hospital, so I could see for myself. No vacuum ring. AND she didn't have a mark or bruise on her body from the forceps. And believe me, when they brought out the forceps I was NERVOUS AS HELL. She was pretty small though. Maybe she was just real easy to pull out haha. 6lbs 13oz. 18.5 inches.

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Ok I think I'm done making edits now lol. But I will add, when all the bad stuff was happening to me I was actually very calm. I either didn't have the energy to panic, or I was smart and knew that panicking would just pump the blood out of my body faster haha. Smile

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wow Kristie, that sounds awful! The actual delivery reminds me of mine with Nathan...except he was very ill because of the tight nuchal cord...and the intervention really saved his life. was really ironic. I got to the hospital, they started the induction and I swear the baby was moving like crazy. I really think he was fine...but he was just sound asleep during the test. That being said...once the cholistasis starts...if your over 37 weeks delivery is what is the proper treatment. They were going to do it a few days later anyways when my regular doctor was on call.... but I just had to have a different doctor in the practice because of the failing test. I said, at 38 weeks he was 8 lb 5 oz. He certainly was ready!! I was 4 cm I think I was heading to the hospital soon anyways! Smile

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I had half days at work and woke up at 2 to my water breaking. We went into the hospital at 3 (dh had to get off work). My mom had been staying with us to "help" and she grabbed the stuff. I was admitted and walked around for about two or three hours when they decided to check me. I was at 2cm but the contractions were not happening at all so they asked me if I wanted Pitocin because if I didn't get to 10cm before my 24 hours were up I'd have a c-section. They started the Pitocin and about an hour later I asked for the epidural. It didn't work at all. I could feel everything and move my legs (I did scissor kicks for the dr. hehehe). Anyway, nothing all night except laying awake listening to my Mom snore. Dh refused to leave my side, but fell asleep. The nurses refused to let me get up to wake my mom up (she snores soooo loud) and also refused to wake her up themselves so I got no sleep. The next morning during the shift change the nurse said "****" very loudly and then pushed some buttons. I think that my pitocin had not been at the rate it was supposed to be because it wasn't but half an hour later I was begging to die. I needed to poop and no one would let me get up to go to the bathroom, I was only at 7cm, and it felt like my entire body was being stabbed over and over again. My dh was not Ok with seeing me in pain which made me feel even worse because I felt bad putting *him* through that. Two hours later and I was at a 9, but his heart rate dropped or something and they rushed us off for the c-section.

It was freezing in that room and he looked so scared. I still felt bad for him! They messed with my wires and asked me if I could feel them touching my stomach. The answer was a resounding yes. It took them a long time to get enough medication to numb that area; which is insane because I fainted taking percocet and was completely delirious during my kidney donation on the morphine. Anyway, curtain went up and I tried to get some sleep. Dh kept waking me up and I finally had the doctor tell him to let me sleep. Jason was born at 12:01pm the day after my water broke. He had pneumothoresis (small hole in each of his lungs) and dh swears I saw him, but I just remember them telling us he had to go to the NICU.

I was in the recovery room for a few hours and dh freaked smooth the f out over not being able to see the baby. His parents were flying in and showed up right around then. I think they actually ended up being the first to see the baby. We didn't get to hold him the next day, but his lungs were fine by then. They had asked me right after the c-section if he could have a pacifier and I said yes; though my birthplan had it bolded, underlined, and in big letters that he couldn't have one. The minute they let us take himi out of the incubator, I tried breastfeeding and he refused to latch. I had three hours to try and then they told us we had to give him formula; the lactation consultant didn't come by until the next day. I pumped what I could and he took that like a champ.

He stayed in the NICU for a week due to an infection that needed antibiotics. I got discharged after two days and went home for a few hours. Then when we came back they gave us this room in the NICU and ds was able to sleep in it with us. Fantastic experience becasue the nurses helped us with all kinds of stuff that first week and there was a button that made me feel safe. They told me if I pressed it to back away from the door as the room would be filled with doctors and nurses. We also got to have visitors in that area that the real NICU wouldn't allow so that was nice. It felt silly wasting all that money just because of the antibiotics when he wasn't in any way shape or form sick, but if I could take out the first 24 hours of fear and the whole labor process and the latch issues, that's the way I would love the next one to go!

His circumcision happened on the fourth day and they numbed the area and brought him back within an hour. Told us he didn't even wake up from his sleep. I continued to pump for about 4 weeks before we got a good latch with a nipple shield. I forget how long it took to get rid of it, but it was a great day when it happened. I really want to stick this next babe straight on the booby.

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Posts: 900! How has your bp been this time? I hope you dont have a repeat of bp trouble! Sounds like your baby did really well for being so early!! Tfs!

My BP has been perfect except for my last appointment, my bottom number was 90, which is a little high for me... they weren't worried though. As soon as I was stable after having DD my BP went completely back to normal, thank god I don't have any issues from it. Savannah did really well... I forgot to put in her stats, she was 4 lbs even (just like the first u/s said) and 17 inches. She came home 2.5 weeks later at just under 5 lbs. She's now 36 lbs and 39 inches at 3, in the 90th percentile for both, so definitely no issues for my tiny baby!

Jaime- I'm glad you weren't traumatized by your birth- though I have to say it doesn't sound like it would have been easy to get through! Here's hoping that since you'll have a scheduled section this time you can insist on things like not being separated, etc.

Thanks! It wasn't too bad... I guess I feel like I can't let it ruin this birth experience by being worried of all that can go wrong. I have plans to discuss all my worries with my OB next appointment and he should be able to let me know what can be accomplished.

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Wow, all of our stories are so amazing so far!

As for me, my back story is that at 31 weeks on the dot, I started having 6+ BH's an hour. They put me on bedrest and 2.5 mg of Terb (which I rarely took because it made me feel insane) until 36 weeks, at which point they wouldn't stop my labor. At 31 weeks I was half a centimeter dilated and "thin". At my last appointment (35w2d) I was still only half a centimeter dilated and "thin", despite still having a lot of BH's (bedrest never stopped them, neither did the Terb the few times I took it). I'm wondering now if I was ever in preterm labor to begin with. Wink

Anyhow, the story...

Tuesday, Feb. 16th - I lose what looks like my mucus plug in my pee cup at the OB office, of all places. I asked the nurse about it, considering everything that had been going on, and she didn't seem concerned at all.

Wednesday, Feb 17th - Bloody show in the evening. I put a call in to the on-call doc, who had me come in to L&D for monitoring. While there, they discovered I had a fever, but didn't seem TOO concerned about it. I was still only half a centimeter dilated, so they monitored me for a few more hours, then sent me home.

Friday, Feb 19th - I noticed DS's movement had REALLY slowed down. By about lunchtime, I got a little worried, so I called the office. They had me head to L&D again, where I got hooked up to an NST. I couldn't feel him much, but they told me he was moving just fine, and sent me home. My OB then told me unless I was in a lot of pain, not to worry. I think she thought I was being some crazy FTM, but I just had a "feeling".

Saturday, Feb 20th - My lower back is KILLING me. The only way I feel better is if I lay over the back of a chair on my knees, otherwise I am in a lot of pain. I dealt with it all day, thinking it was probably just me being 9 months pregnant and the like, but after a warm bath and some time in bed didn't fix it, I finally called the on-call OB around midnight. I told her I was in a lot of pain and that I hadn't eaten or slept for most of the day, so she told me to come into L&D AGAIN.

DH and I get to the hospital around 1am (so, Feb 21st now), and they get me set up into a room.The nurse who checks me says I'm at about 2cm, and she thinks she can feel his head, but she's not sure. DS's heart rate is super flat while they're monitoring me, but my OB told them to send me home! The nurse, thank the lord, said she didn't like how he was acting, so she talked to my OB again and they decided to admit me. The minute the decision was made, I swear they took two quarts of blood from me, slapped an oxygen mask on my face, and made me lay in bed on my left side, which was AWFUL with the back labor. DS's heart rate was still really flat, so the OB finally came in to check me. I was 3-4cm now, and it was NOT the baby's head they could feel, but a clot on my cervix. Yikes. I didn't even know that could happen! Each time they checked me, their gloves were all bloody and I thought I was going to lose it.

I can't remember exact times, but a few hours after we were admitted, they decided to break my water. I think they were trying to speed up my labor due to DS's heart rate being so weird. After they broke my water, my contractions got crazy strong immediately. The nurse said I was contracting literally one right after another. We wait a bit longer, and then the OB comes back in and decides to do an internal monitor. That was lovely. Now I can't get out of bed to pee. At this point, the anesthesiologist is nearby, and my awesome L&D nurse tells me that if I'm even THINKING about an epidural, to get one now. She said if I ended up with an emergency c/s (there had been talks of it by now), then they would have to knock me out. If I had the epidural, they can just top me off to a spinal and be done with it. So, I made it to about 5 cm (last check) before they gave me the epi. THAT is a lovely experience! They keep trying to tell you to arch your back, which is pretty much impossible to do with the giant kettle ball in your stomach! Haha.

Anyhow, so I get my epi and things seem to settle down. DH and I try to get some sleep, but within an hour, my OB is back in. DS's heart rate is still flat. So she does a "scratch test", which is basically where she reaches up and scratches the top of the baby's head to startle them. They want to see a reaction, for their heart rate to jump up, but instead, DS's went from 150 to 80. Yeah, not good. It was here that they decided to do the c/s. They told me that being that I was only at 5 cm and the way the baby was acting, they didn't think he would tolerate the rest of labor and delivery. So, we decided on the c/s.

I don't know how much time went between then and when I got wheeled into the OR, but in the meantime I got shaved, a nice shot of charcoal. Wink At this point, as they're wheeling me into the OR, I'm crying. I have no idea why! I guess it was all overwhelming and just NOT what I had anticipated in my birth. They strap me to the table, and everyone is super nice, but I'm still freaking out. DH finally comes in fully dressed in his scrubs, and they start the c/s. I couldn't feel much, just some tugging and pulling and pressure, but at 9:14am, they pulled him out! DH watched them pull him out, and got to announce it was a boy! I knew all along, though. Smile I just had a feeling he was a boy! Anyhow, the cord was wrapped three times around his neck. The minute my OB pulled his head out, she said, "So this is why you were giving us all that trouble!". They got him to the scale and were rubbing him down and giving him oxygen, but he was NOT crying. I was totally freaking out at this point because I could see him moving (it was really crazy slow movements), but he wasn't making any noise. The nurses kept telling me he was fine, but I was flipping out. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he cried! His initial apgar was a 1. Yes, a 1. I don't think he warranted a 1 (I remember seeing him on the table, he was pink! Isn't a 1 bad color, too?!), but his second was a 9.

He never went to the NICU, and got to come to the recovery room with us. DH held him the whole time since I was so shaky I was scared I'd drop him. When we finally got wheeled to our room, I got to hold him and nurse him for the first time. He was fully tongue-tied (a nurse in the OR noticed it), but that is a completely different story regarding our failed nursing relationship. Wink Anyhow, for being a 36-weeker, he did awesome. He had some minor sugar and jaundice issues, but otherwise was a healthy 6.8 lbs. and 19" at birth!

All in all, my birth was totally not what I had planned, but I'm grateful that we have a healthy boy, now. That's all that matters. And while I'm hoping for a complete 180 with this birth, I don't regret having made the c/s decision back then. I have a feeling it would have turned out a lot worse otherwise.

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I have a lot of stories--lol. So this will take me a few posts--I know that the last two birth stories I can copy and paste from the Birthing Naturally board-- but my first two, I'll have to recreate. Oops!

Here's a copied one-- my first home birth. This was my 3rd birth, and first home birth.

Here's a birth story-- and some pictures.

My MIL arrived on Thursday, Miles' due date. I jokingly said when she arrived, okay big guy-- you can come anytime now. My contractions started around 5p or so. They were noticable, but not painful at all and continued all evening. Finally during Grey's Anatomy, I decided to just count how many I had during the show (easier than timing :wink:) I had 7. Still not painful, but persistent. I mentioned it to Trey and we went about our evening routine and went to bed. I had contrax all night-- but was mostly able to sleep thru them. They were waking me up a bit more often than the usual pregnancy discomforts, but I mostly slept. Around 6a I woke up with some really strong contrax, and when I sat up I felt a small gush. I went to the bathroom and had a good amount of bloody show...and contrax were about 7 minutes apart and strong. Instantly, as with the girls, I had diarhhea. Finally around 630a I was able to leave the bathroom, and woke Trey to call my parents (who would be coming from 3 hrs away.)

I went back to bed and just rested through some strong contrax. About 8a they were 5 minutes apart and getting really uncomfy, so I phoned my MW and told her today was the day. She said to call back when they were 4 minutes apart. I'm really terrible at timing contax, b/c when I'm laboring I'm in my own world. I don't want Trey around, I just want silence and darkness and to be in my own space. I tried to eat some toast and get some fluids in me, but I didn't really feel hungry, just thought I should eat. The girls were up and I visited with them a bit, before I wanted to be totally alone, and headed back up to our bedroom around 830a. I labored on my ball in our room and rested in our bed for a while before I was really uncomfy. My contrax were quite strong, but manageable, but I was having round ligament pain which I'd never had during labor before. I labored on the toilet for a while and did some squats, told Trey to call my MW and tell her we were getting closer and decided to take a shower.

At this point, Trey was getting things together like making our "birth bed" (shower curtain under the sheets and old sheets on the bed, the birth pool was already blown up, but he was putting the tarp under it and getting it ready to be filled, etc.) Bringing the birth kit into our bedroom etc. I labored in our bath tub and was having really strong contrax and I could tell they were close together, but again, not timing them.

My MW and team arrived, I think, around 1045a or so. She and her team got things together and I got out of the tub so she could do one round of vitals on me and baby. Baby's HB was good, as was my BP and pulse, etc. She then checked me, and told me I was a good 6, stretchy 7cm with a bulging bag. Baby was still high, but she said, as soon as your water breaks you're going to have a baby. Better hurry and fill that pool!

My parents arrived around 11a--and everyone hurried to fill the pool....but got it only halfway full before I was feeling lots of pressure and just wanted to get in. So I got in, I had about 2 really strong contrax, one more contrax and I felt my water break. It was the MOST incredible relief for about a minute. I had had so much pressure from the bag of waters-- but after the next contrax the head was right there. My MW checked baby to make sure he had done well after the water breaking (as he was still -1 before the break) She felt the head, and told me to. I turned over, put my hands down and he was right there. I didn't get the *ring of fire* at all, just incredible pressure in my bottom. I'm not sure how many, but a couple of contrax later he was out. Trey was there, as was my mom and Taya. My dad, Callie and MIL all missed it b/c he came so fast....but were there in the moments afterward.

Taya was in awe. And right after he came out said "where is the placenta?" (can you tell we'd been reading books?)

I couldn't get him up to my chest, as I had short cord. So he was confined to my belly for a while. We waited for the placenta to detach-- but it was taking a while, so we did cut the cord before the placenta was out. He was so calm and peaceful, only cried a wee bit and instantly his sisters were in love. He had apgars of 9 and 9.

We hung out in the water for a while and then delivered the placenta. I got out, snuggled and nursed Miles for a bit, and then the MW's had me get into an herbal bath with Miles. It was all so relaxed. About 2 hours after birth they did the full newborn assessment and checked me-- no tears or anything and Miles is just perfect and healthy.

Here are some pics. Some kind of graphic...but nothing too terrible.

This is in our bedroom. I was watching Callie and my dad on the swingset between contractions. It was a beautiful day-- 70 and sunny.

Feeling his head

He is out!


Meeting his sisters

I love this picture-- b/c once we were out of the water-- he was chilled. So Taya went and got him her princess blanket....which she insisted go on him. So his first pics are him in a princess blanket-- this poor kid!

Our herbal bath together (that is what is floating in the water!)

Weighing baby

Family pics

Taya and Miles

Miles all alone

I'll come back with more. Smile

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Copied from Birthing Naturally board.....

Birth of Alexandra Rae
7 lbs 2 oz. 21 inches
born May 15, 2009-- 531p

Planned homebirth, turned unassisted birth bc of the speed of labor-- both daddy and the midwife missed it.....

Me in our bathtub. I was sitting in there trying to slow things down, but had just checked myself and realized that things were going very 3yo Callie is watching. I'm waiting for a break to move to the birth pool.

The room-- pool had just been inflated and filled by my MIL. Miles entertaining himself-- and a good thing bc my mom and MIL were focusing on me and the kids were just kind of "there"....

We don't have pics of the actual birth-- but I can tell you the timestamps on these pics. The one where I was in the tub was 524p. The one of Miles on the floor is 526p, and this one is 534p. Yikes....I felt my water break about as soon as I got into the birth pool. Trey was listening on speakerphone, which was set on the window sill behind me.

My mom is behind the camera-- but here is everyone present at the birth.

Like Taya's orange headband? lol

The phone so that Trey could hear what is happening....

She was pink and crying. And we just hung out in the tub waiting for MW to arrive (we called her again right after baby was out and she thought she was 10 minutes away yet....)

Baby was happy and I wasn't really bleeding at all (not even a seperation bleed yet.....)
So the "bigger" kids got in the pool with me while we waited....

Midwife arrives--all is well Smile

I eventually moved from the pool to the bed to deliver the placenta. Once it was out, we just put it in a big plastic ziplock and left it attached and left baby naked until Trey was home. He got home just after 7p-- so she'd been out for about an hour and a half. This pic is when he'd just walked in the door....

Daddy cutting the cord (and he is the one with the hospital bracelet on....)

The newborn assessment with all of her siblings watching....

Getting weighed. 7lbs 2 oz. 21 inches long

Some time with daddy- now free from her cord and dressed

She still doesn't have a name...we're working on it. But she is doing great. Very content, great eater and getting lots of love from her siblings. I feel good. I was really tired (as was Trey) yesterday....but today we are both feeling better. I just couldn't sleep that first night and he was still recouping from two days in the hospital....but today we are good. I actually feel really good-- the afterpains when I nurse are strong, but to be expected with the 4th baby I suppose....

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OK, here is mine. I know I'm technically in July, but it's July 2 and quite frankly something tells me this baby will come on the earlier side. So, I'm posting on both boards...anyway! This is cut and pasted. It is really long and detailed, sorry. I will try to edit it down some, but it's long...

My mom and some friends and I walked to go out for breakfast around 10 a.m. on the morning of Sunday, January 18th, which was my due date. I assumed I'd go at least a few days late though, and I was clueless that I'd have a baby in my arms by the end of the day. Afterward, my mom and I went home and did some stuff around the house. I did kind of wonder if this was that last minute burst of energy you hear about before women go into labor. I had already done all my nesting the week before and had spent the last week being lazy and not wanting to do anything but sit around, but today I was scrubbing the sink, sweeping, doing laundry, dishes, etc.

Around 1:30 p.m., Brian (DH) called to say he was too anxious to stay at work (he works 3 hours away and is gone Friday-Sunday) and was coming home. I told him I wasn’t in labor, but if he wanted to come home that was OK with me. He said he had woken up the night before with stomach cramps and it made him think he was picking up on something and he just couldn’t focus on work.

Around 3:30 p.m. I started having some irregular contractions that felt a little different from the BH I had been experiencing for the past few weeks. After a little while, I decided to start timing them and my mom suggested I start my cookies for the nurses at the birth center just in case it was the real deal. So I started baking. The contractions got more regular and were consistently about 4 minutes apart, but not intense at all yet. I took a shower and they slowed down some and decreased in intensity for a little while, but didn’t stop.

I got on the computer and spent some time playing on the internet. After a while I felt like I couldn’t sit on the couch during contractions anymore, but they were still totally manageable, and I thought it could still be a false start. I went into the kitchen to finish the cookies. I called my sister while I was doing that and she was saying she thought since I was still talking through contractions I had a ways to go. I bent over and put my elbows on the counter during a contraction and it felt way more comfortable. I felt a little pop and realized my water had broken and ran to the bathroom, still on the phone with my sister, who was excited she was on the phone with me when my water broke. I talked to her for a minute longer, and we finally realized we needed to get off the phone so I could focus on having a baby!

Almost right away, my contractions got a little stronger, but still totally manageable, no big deal. I still thought we had a long night ahead of us. We called the clinic and the midwife suggested we go to the birth center in about an hour. I was really happy because it was my favorite of the midwives at the clinic who was on call and she would be delivering my baby! We called the waterbirth tub rental place and my doula to tell them I was in labor and we’d call again to keep them posted. Brian started getting ready to go get some last minute snacks so we wouldn’t have to stop on the way.

I went in our bedroom and sat on my birth ball and leaned on a pile of pillows on the bed and put the Hypnobabies Easy First Stage track on my ipod. Almost instantly, I started having strong contractions and they started coming every 2 minutes. I had a really strong contraction and afterward both my mom and I simultaneously said it was time to go, we were not waiting an hour. Between contractions I made my way out to the car and stood and leaned in on the seat through a couple contractions while we waited for Brian to finish getting the stuff packed up. For some reason he was taking forever. Finally my mom went to get Brian and said she would get the rest of the stuff, we needed to leave NOW. It was around 9 p.m. at this point.

It was really hard to get in the car, we had the carseat and stuff in the back seat and I couldn’t recline the seat or lean forward, I had to sit up straight and I was dreading the drive. Luckily, the contractions slowed a bit in the car and I only had two and they were not as intense. As soon as we got to the birth center, though, things picked up. We walked in the door and I was on the floor on my hands and knees. I felt kind of stupid, but I had to be in that position. The nurse said she needed to check me so we knew if she should call the midwife yet. Brian and I both looked at her like “seriously? I am on the floor moaning!” She said it can be really intense sometimes even at 5 cms, but I knew I was further along than that. We got into our room and I went to the bathroom. I locked the door because I wanted some privacy and I just KNEW someone would try to come in. Sure enough, EVERYONE was knocking on the door trying to get me to come out. They all thought I was hiding in there. But really, the whole process of going to the bathroom, then wiping, then pulling my pants back up...I had to do it all between contractions that were starting to come on top of one another so it took forever.

Finally I made it out and ran over to the bed, trying to get there so the nurse could check me before the next contraction hit. She said she though I was complete. Brian and my mom both looked at me and were smiling and saying “good job!” I had known that I was complete or really close already, so wasn’t surprised. It was getting very intense for me at this time and I was really having to focus to get through contractions.

It gets blurry at this point, but they put a monitor on (which was supposed to come off as soon as they got a good read on the baby) and started an IV antibiotic because I was strep B positive. I had thought I would really hate the IV, but I was so in my own world I barely noticed. Again, the IV was supposed to be in for 20 minutes and then I could move around freely. My doula arrived and came over and tried to get my attention and talk me through a few contractions. Brian was pushing on my back and both of them helped a lot to keep me focused. At some point the midwife arrived. The contractions were right on top of each other. She asked Brian if we had done anything to start labor, since it was coming on so fast (we hadn’t). Someone brought up that we should call the waterbirth place and get the tub in here. I said there was no way there was time and not to call. Anyway, the way things ended up going we couldn’t have used the tub even if there had been time….

During contractions the nurses and my doula and Brian and my mom were talking me through them, doing what they could to help me be comfortable still strapped to the monitor and the IV (bleah!) I became aware slowly that I could not hear the baby’s heart beat during contractions. The midwife announced she was going to have to switch to an internal monitor because the baby’s heart rate was dropping a lot during contractions and since I wasn’t pushing yet she was worried about him. My doula asked me if I wanted time to think about it. I said no, because I was worried about the baby. My contractions were so close together that the midwife had to put the monitor in during one and it was horrible. She told me I needed to start pushing because we needed to get him out. She apologized that we were needing to deviate so much from our birth plan (we specifically had intermittent monitoring and mother directed pushing included). I didn’t care at that point, I just wanted the baby out and safe and not to end up with a c-section. Luckily, I started feeling the urge to push right at that moment and she encouraged me to push hard and helped me direct it. Her strategy was get the baby out as soon as possible.

I became aware that there was a strange man in the room who was wearing street clothes (not scrubs like everyone else). I could have cared less at that point, but the midwife saw me notice him and explained she had called for back-up because of the heart rate issue (his heart rate was seriously dropping during contractions and went down as low as 50 and was at 70 for 7 minutes). We found out later that he was the surgeon who would have done the c-section if it came to that, which the midwife was thinking it might. I'm so glad she didn't tell us that at the time, I would have freaked out. I wanted to kill this doctor at the time, but he probably saved me from an emergency c-section by making me stop pushing through contractions and blow through them and take deep breaths through an oxygen mask. I also had to lie on my side and my doula held my leg up and this position helped the baby’s heartbeat, so the doctor wouldn’t let me change positions. Not pushing was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I wouldn’t describe the contractions as painful (that’s the wrong word, it isn’t pain, but it is totally overwhelming), but extremely intense and it took everything I had not to push. The doctor decided he needed to change internal monitors for some reason and I about lost it, it was the worst moment of the whole labor. I think the Hypnobabies helped keep me calm and focused through most of this though, and allowed me to breathe and do what I needed to do to help my baby.

Good news was the baby’s heart rate went back up. Finally the doctor gave the go-ahead for me to push again and it was the best news I’d heard all day. I pushed through one contraction and realized I was not pushing effectively and on the next and last contraction I really directed my pushing. Two pushes and he was out! I was kind of afraid I was wrong and he wasn’t really out yet, but I heard everyone oohing and aahing so I knew he was. I couldn’t see him because I was on my side facing the inside of the bed. It took me a second to come out of my daze and roll over so I could see him. Even though he had been in such distress for part of the labor, he came out pink and cried immediately. His apgars were 9 and 10. I still had my sweatshirt on because I hadn’t been able to get it off between contractions because they were so close together, so they put him on my belly instead of my chest. I saw he had a full head of dark hair. I was still really out of it and just stared down at him, I don’t think I even said anything. I vaguely remember Brian cutting the cord. They dimmed the lights and things really calmed down after that. The room cleared out and they gave us time to ourselves to bond.

He was born at 11:15 p.m., two hours after we arrived at the hospital and 8 hours after the first contraction.

Not exactly the birth I had imagined, but still an amazing experience.

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Thought I would add mine - enjoy! I was definitely a bit clueless for mine, so I think I have some good humor in this story.

I was at work the day before my due date, trying frantically to finish up a manual to leave for the person who was going to cover my leave. I had a meeting at 1pm. I hit the bathroom before the meeting and my water broke while I was in the bathroom. It was almost like in the movies - not a little trickle or anything but a full on gush. My pants were completely wet all the way to my feet, soaked into my shoes. However, I still really didn't understand what was happening, so I grabbed a coworker and said - I think I need to borrow some scrubs. She figured out that my water had broken before I did - I still kind of thought it was my bladder.

She brought me some scrubs and I soaked through those as well in a matter of minutes. She brought me a second pair and tried to get me into a wheelchair to get me over to the hospital (I work at a medical center, the hospital is about 2 blocks away). I was on the phone with my husband, and told him to pack the hospital bag (not done yet), and grab my laptop because I still had some work stuff I needed to finish up! This whole time my coworker is trying to persuade me into a wheelchair, which I was still stauchly refusing. I did let her walk me over to Labor and Delivery. When we got there, they admitted me right away because I was what they called 'an obvious water rupture.'

The Boring Part
Since my water had broken, no one checked me to keep the risk of infection low, they just admitted me and left me in a room with my hubby with the monitors on to see how contractions were going. We had agreed to try a natural birth - my husband works with spinal cord patients, and he has seen several epidurals-gone-wrong injuries, so I had agreed to try not to have one. That all worked well for the first 8 hours or so, since I didn't really have any contractions on my own. We watched Dr. Phil, Oprah, a movie.... I just sat in the rocking chair and thought, hey, if this is labor, I can totaly handle it!

The Pitocin
Because my water had broken, and they were trying to avoid any infections, we decided to give Pitocin a try to kick start my contractions - as my body was doing NOTHING on its own. Rats. Started on the Pitocin, and it had the immediate effect everyone wanted - contractions. They kicked my butt!! I was not handling them very well, so the hubby and I talked, and he said he was comfortable with me getting an epidural. So I asked for one. And I got one. But it didn't work out so hot - I had a window. Which meant that one side of my body was completely numb - and the other side was completely NOT numb. Every contraction felt like someone was taking all the skin on the left side of my body and pulling it away from me in a vice. It sucked, big time. They tried to readjust, but no dice.

The Finale
I was able to finally progress, and they just let the epidural wear off, since it wasn't helping anyways. from about 2-4am, I was pushing. I was the only show on the floor (in fact, there was only other mom the whole time I was there, and she was in and out SUPER fast. Lucky.) So, I had a huge crowd in my room - two nurses, two residents, a medical student, and the OB on call. The residents were in charge of the delivery, and by about 3:45, I was feeling DONE. I kept trying to find something to focus on, and I finally decided on the resident's glasses. I told her that I really liked her glasses, and she told me if I pushed this baby out by 4am, I could have them. Smile Jacob was born at 3:57 am. Apgars of 6 & 9 - just needed a little help to get going. I needed quite a bit of help after the delivery - I hemorrhaged during the placenta delivery, but luckily not enough to need a transfusion. Since the hubby was over with the baby taking pictures and watching him, the medical student actually held my hand while I freaked out a bit about the blood loss. She will be a great doctor someday.

After that, all was well! We tried BFing right away and I stunk at it, but Jacob was also jaudice, he bascially slept the entire two day stretch at the hospital. We had several return trips for builiroubin checks, but he was always just under the limits. We did finally get the hang of BFing after a few weeks. Overall, I rate my experience a "B", because it's all I know, and I am happy he arrived safe and sound, and I also give myself credit for having a somewhat natural birth, even though I didn't want it! Smile

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My labor started a few days before I gave birth.
Saturday I had gentle but persistent contractions all day, so we called my mother and she drove over. She lives 3 hours away, so I figured by the time she got to our house I'd be more progressing. Nothing picked up, but that evening we all went into L&D for a check. The nurse was very businesslike, said, your cervix is shut tight like a trap. Go on home. I was disappointed, but what could we do?
Sunday: Same persistent contractions all day long. My husband and mom kept me active and walking. Actually I got blisters on my feet from all the pacing I was doing. That evening they picked up, and I couldn't do anything but stop and breath through each contraction. Also, they my husband was timing them and they were five minutes apart for over an hour. So we decided to go in to L&D again. I couldn't even walk upstairs to the nurses without stopping to breath through my contractions. Oh also the drive to the hospital was a half hour away- talk about agony getting contractions in a bumpy car! Anyways the same businesslike nurse checked me and said my cervix was still tight as a trap. My contractions were being monitored, and they were indeed steady and strong, but nothing was happening. I could only lay there and pant while my husband was talking and joking with the doctor on call that night (who was not my midwife, and I wanted my midwife). The doctor decided to do an ultrasound while we were there, and wheeled it in. The cold nurse left and a new one came on duty. She was very helpful and pointed out to the doctor and my husband and I that our little girl was sunny side up, and that's probably why I wasn't dilating yet in such great pain. She told my husband how to help with pressure points to maybe get the baby to turn. The doctor just looked amazed at the whole conversation. He was young and a male- what did he know? I'm biased against male OBGYNs.... if you don't have a vagina, you have no business in the birth business. Wink
Anyway the doctor could see I was in a great deal of pain and that with the steady contractions was enough for him to offer to keep me overnight and try to induce if there was still no dilation in the morning. I wanted my midwife and I didn't want to be induced, and she would be there in the morning. So I said no thanks. He instead gave me a sleeping pill and sent us home. I took the sleeping pill and slept all night until about 5 AM.
Monday: My mother was determined to "take my mind off things" since I don't think she knew what else to do. She talked me into the car and out to run errands. She was new in town and we ended up getting lost and driving around, me in a haze of pain, her trying to find our way home since I was having sever contractions all over town- at the post office, etc. We got home and I went into my bedroom and burst into tears. I didn't want to do this anymore. I was in intense pain and I didn't feel like anyone believed me or was taking me seriously. Which were not true feelings- the doctor the night before offered to induce me and get me set up with pain meds, but I didn't want him attending me. I'm not sure if I should have made those choices, but my husband didn't have a clue either.
So, I stayed in bed all day, staring at the wall, alone. I didn't want anyone talking to me or touching me, just focusing on the white wall every time the contractions came back. they must have been ten minutes apart, all day long. In the evening my mother convinced my husband to get up the nerve to bother me, and he started doing the pressure points on my back and making me get on all fours while he did, as the nurse had suggested we do. It hurt so bad I was just crying and crying. My mother who knows all about natural labor, having gone through it nine times, didn't know anything about days long labor, and was freaking out. She sent me to the shower to see if that would calm me down. It did. The shower didn't slow anything down, but I had the warm water on my back and it helped with the pain. I stayed in there until the water got cold. Then we did more pressure points on my back, then my mom sent me back to the shower. This whole time is a haze for me since I was in so much pain. My mother and husband encouraged me to go into the hospital for another check, but for some reason I refused, and they didn't know how to convince me. I went to sleep for three hours, from about nine until midnight, from sheer exhaustion. I woke up in terrible pain again, woke up my husband and said ok, let's go into the hospital and meet my midwife there. So around 1 AM we checked into the hospital. It was the day before my due date, and I was still closed tight as a trap. No one disagreed that I was in labor or in a great deal of pain, but my midwife wouldn't do anything to speed up or help the labor until on or after my due date unless there was a problem with me or the baby, which there wasn't. She said I could stay overnight with my husband and in the morning of my due date, they'd check me again.
Monday: I woke around 7 AM by busy nurses poking and prodding me. I was dilated to 3 CM which seems like nothing, but after 2.5 days, it seemed like a mile. Everyone was so happy for me! but I was happiest. I continued to labor for another hour and was checked again, another CM dilated. My midwife was talking to me and asking me if I wanted her to break my water. I didn't, I remember saying no I don't want that, and with a loud pop my water came gushing out all over my legs and the bed. So my body took care of that! Baby rotated at some point because contractions were painful but manageable. After my water broke they became a different beast entirely. Super intense. Again, not painful, not like the days of back labor, but really intense and I got vocal to get through each contraction. I was doing fine, but all the noise I was making scared my husband and midwife. I remember the nurse saying, "I just called up for an epidural." My midwife said "I think she wanted to go natural-" and my husband said "No we'll take it"- and I remember thinking, "I didn't ask for an epidural. I'm fine." I was also exhausted by that point, and didn't even argue. Some rest after days of contractions sounded fine to me. So I had the epidural which was fast and easy. I could feel all my limbs but not any pain. My mother was amazed that I could feel my legs. She said in her days of birthing epidurals were awful and paralyzing from the waist down. So anyway I slept for about 5 hours. I'd wake up to get checked, or to drink the water that my mother kept insisting I drink. The nurses would all say, " No water! No fluids!" But my mother paid them no attention and said "They're crazy. Drink this water right now. You've got to stay hydrated!". Once my water broke and I had an epidural my labor slowed WAY down, which I've heard can happen. IT happened to me. I slept for hours, like I said, probably 4 hours. I woke up when my dear sister, who died when I was 20, appeared at my pillow and said, "You need to wake up now, you're going to have a baby!" I don't think I'd ever seen her so excited. So I opened my eyes, asked to be checked, and I was at a 9 almost 10. My midwife set up her things, prepared my bed for birth, and I started pushing. My nurse had switched my epidural off so I'd feel everything to "get the baby out faster", which I agreed to, until it came time to push. I instantly became angry and overwhelmed by the pain. I couldn't believe anything could ever hurt this bad. In between pushes I was hyperventilating and shaking and shaking my head saying "Nonononono"- the nurse was great. She said, "Jubilee! Look at me and hold still. Breath when I breath. Hold still. Breath". She insisted I gain control of myself before we pushed again. After that I was much more focused and was able to push my daughter out after about 9 pushes total. My mother couldn't stand to see me in that much pain and had to leave the room, but my husband was a great help, counting the seconds for pushing, telling me to relax, helping me stay focused after the nurse asked him to keep me breathing and in control of myself.
Anyway I remember the ring of fire, and my midwife would not stop stretching me down there and I told her "That hurts! Get your hands off me!" and being told "Don't push, breath!" I don't know who said that, but I said "I hate you!" and then pushing my daughter out with everything I had. Nothing in the world has ever felt so good as when my daughter was born and left my body. It was the best feeling in the world to be out of pain. I lay back and closed my eyes. They put my daughter on my chest and I didn't even look at her at first, just held onto her and breathed. I was SO tired. My mother came back in the room and we both oohed and ahhed over the baby while my husband took like 5000 photos. I wish he had been the one holding my hand and telling me what a good job I did, but for some reason he snatched the camera and went into manic photo taking mode. Oh well Smile Penelope stayed on my chest for a good half hour and we tried nursing right away but she wasn't interested. So I let the midwife take her and clean her up and weigh her, and then Daddy got to hold her for the first time. He was beaming from ear to ear. Then grandma got to hold her, and then we tried nursing again.
I was so happy to finally be done with labor and have my daughter in my arms. She weight 8.6 pounds and was 20 inches long. She was and still is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen Smile

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Jubilee, that sounds like a LONG couple of days for you, but the part about your sister is so amazing! Gave me chills. That's a great birth story.

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really appreciated reading the stories from you a ftm it really was interesting to read. thank you!

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I'll have to try to find my birth story from DS1... and this is DS2's. I still remember pretty well... i think??

A little background. DS1's birth was an induction 2 days after my due date. My OB pushed me into it because she said my belly measurements weren't increasing for the last couple weeks, and being a FTM, I just did it. I was still able to have a vaginal delivery (22 hours later), but I really wanted a drug-free birth so that was my goal for DS2.

I changed OB's and educated myself much better this time around. I was open with my OB and told her I didn't want any drugs or unnecessary interventions. She told me I had until 41 weeks to go into labor, and then they induce (I was prepared to fight this, but didn't need to), and I can choose to induce starting at 39 weeks. So I had been dilated 2 cm since I was 35 weeks. My OB told me she was sure I would go early and I really wish she hadn't told me that, because when my due date rolled around and I was still preggo, I was really disappointed. That was a hard day for me and I was feeling like I would be pregnant forever!

The next day, I decided to make some cloth wipes for our new diapers and spent a few hours on my hands and knees cutting and pinning fabric. Later, my husband, DS1, and I went outside to start raking up all the leaves left over from fall (this is March 21, by the way!). We raked for a couple hours and I was feeling really tired, but happy that I was still pregnant so could get a good night's sleep.

We came inside and started thinking about showering and making dinner when I felt a weird sensation in my belly. I really can't explain it, but I thought maybe my water broke or something. There was no fluid anywhere, so I just let it go, but kinda had a feeling that I wasn't going to get my restful night of sleep. I took a shower about a half hour later and started feeling a little crampy but nothing serious, and I really just thought I had to have a BM. I was still feeling funny at dinner and couldn't eat much, and that's when I felt the first real contraction.

It was around 7pm, and it stopped me in my tracks. The contractions continued on at irregular intervals but were still very intense when they happened. At some point, I did end up having a BM and thought maybe that's why I was in pain, but they continued on after that. DH put DS1 to bed and we called his mom to give her a head's up (she was going to come over to watch DS while we went to the hospital). I wanted to labor at home as long as I could, but not TOO long because I was GBS+, and I didn't want to deal with the hospital taking baby to the NICU bc they thought I didn't get enough time on the abx. I was waiting for my contractions to get regular, but they never did. They were between 5 and 10 minutes apart, and super intense. I remember telling DH that I wanted to wait a while and try to sleep a little, but as soon as I laid down, they got worse and I figured it was time to go in.

DH's mom came over around 10pm, and we were off. I had only two contractions from the time we left until we got to L&D (it was about 20 minutes). I got changed and hooked up to the monitors and all that, but was still a little afraid they would send me home, or I was still only a 2. She checked me and I was a 5/6. They hooked me up right away to the abx, and I told her I just wanted to do my own thing... no epi, drugs, and I wanted to walk around. They wouldn't let me take the monitors off... she found some portable ones, but I hated them and ended up not even leaving the room.

I paced around and was thinking that this wasn't so bad... I was still able to laugh and joke around between contractions. I felt really confident that I could do it naturally! At some point, things got much more intense, and I remember working much harder to get through the contractions and not being very happy in between. I got really cranky and didn't want anyone touching me or even talking to me. I started shaking really bad, and ended up throwing up a few times. The nurse came back in and said she wanted to check me again. I'm not sure what time this was... maybe 1am. She said I was an 8/9 and just about there, but baby needed to turn a little bit to get the last bit of cervix out of the way.

I stalled out at this point for quite a while... I think it was around 2 hours, and it was really difficult. At one point I remember begging for meds, but they couldn't give me any because I was too far. I started getting really really pushy, and then my water broke. The nurse had me lay on my left side, and I could feel baby turn. She went to check me and I just started pushing... it was beyond my control. She called the on-call OB and told me to just keep pushing. I told her that I'm a really good pusher, so she better be careful what she tells me to do!

At one point she asked if I was moving him down the birth canal and came to look, and yelled at me to stop pushing. There was another nurse by my side, making sure I was breathing through the contractions instead of pushing. It kinda sucked, and by the time the Dr. walzed in the room, I was so distracted and out of my rhythm. The nurse threw the scrubs onto the Dr. while he was still half asleep and we were ready to continue. I'm not really sure what happened... I mean, I know I pushed him out, but I'm not sure how fast it went after that. I remember thinking that my contractions had really slowed down and I wasn't feeling the urge to push anymore. The Dr. ended up giving me an episiotomy and that's when DS2 was born.

It was a good birth, but this time, I'm warning them that I am NOT going to stop pushing. I would almost feel more comfortable with the nurse delivering the baby anyways. If I'm GBS neg. this time, I'm going to labor at home longer, and hopefully only be at the hospital to push baby out. It was so distracting having all these people rush into the room at the end, and some telling me to stop pushing, and then all of a sudden it was ok to push again... it really messed with my mindset and body!

The end!

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I just wanted to say that these stories have been very helpful for me. I'm trying to be as educated as possible going into this and who better to learn from than the women who've been there and done it. Smile

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Here's mine from DD2, I'll be back to post for DD1!

Wednesday, Sept 8th had an appointment with Dr. Tiffany and was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced, the week before I was fingertip dilated and 50%. He told me if I didn't go into labor on my own by 9/14, he would induce me. I told him I was nervous about having an induction and he told me not to worry about it and chill and enjoy the last few days of being prego. My EDD based on my period was 9/4, but Dr. Tiffany moved it back to 9/10 based on an early ultrasound.

That evening I was craving Portillos, so we drove down to Vernon Hills to meet Stacy, Brent and Zoe for dinner. On the way there, Mark avoided an accident and hit a construction horse instead of another car. Freaked me out (Mark makes fun of me cause I screamed)! Once we hit Portillos had a few minor contractions here and there. Overnight had another few contractions that woke me up and I didn't sleep well at all. Was planning on going into work on Thursday, Sept 9th, but had another contraction in the shower that morning, so decided to stay and work from home. Got logged into work nice and early and Mark brought Ava to school. By 9am had contractions 15 minutes apart. We went for a 30 minute walk around 11am and continued to have contractions more frequently during the walk. Around noon we went to Jimmy Johns to grab a sandwich for lunch. Starting at 12:45 contractions started happening every 5 minutes consistently. Got things wrapped up at work and contacted my manager that I was logging off at 2pm. Mark and I watched an episode of Dexter, then hit McDonalds for a "top off" for me and then Culvers for ice cream for Mark. McDonalds was disappointing, cold fries and cheeseburger. Boo.

Arrived at hospital at 4pm and they took me into the triage room, had me change and checked me and monitored the baby. Was contracting every 2 minutes on the monitor and when checked was at 3-4cm dilated. They told me I could officially stay and was in labor, and got me moved into a "real" room where I would stay for labor, delivery and the rest of my stay. I was informed that Dr. Tiffany was not on call, so Dr. Park would be delivering me as long as it was before 7am, Friday. Once we got comfortable there, Mom and Ava stopped by to say hi for a little bit around 5pm. I walked the hallway for a while to try and progress. Around 7pm they checked me again and still no progress, still 3-4. Walked the hallway with Mark for a little longer to try and progress before I got my epidural. Mark and I watched the movie Whiteout, which was awful. 7:20ish, started bag of fluids in preparation for the epidural. Around 8:30, had progressed to 4-5 and I asked for the epidural. Epidural arrived around 9pm. 9:30ish they started a small drip of pitocin and then shortly after broke my water....or it was broken already when he went in to break it, we're not sure. On the pitocin was contracting every 1minute. 11:15pm they checked me again and was at 6-6.5. Mark and I both tried to sleep for a while while we waited for the pitocin to do its thing. Around 12:15, I was checked again and was at 9.5!!! Nurse said to let her know when I felt alot of pressure and was ready to push. Around 12:30 she came back and I was fully dilated. She wanted to do a quick test push, but took one look and said not to do anything and ran and got the dr. Dr came in quickly and I pushed twice and her head was out and then another 2 pushes and the rest of her was out. She was born at 12:46am. 7lbs, 4oz, 19inches. Apgars were 9 & 9. She had a full head of brown hair. They took her away and got her cleaned up. I was annoyed they didn't put her on my chest to see her right away. Dr. delivered the placenta then sewed me up a little from a small tear and then I FINALLY got to hold my little Kaitlyn Jean....she is just beautiful and perfect!!!

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DD1s Birth Story!

Friday night/saturday morning I had mild contractions about every 1/2 hr throughout the night. Saturday during the day I cleaned and contractions were less frequent. Sat night/sunday morning contractions were every 15 minutes. Sunday morning was mothers day, so hubby and I went to breakfast and contractions were more frequent and stronger. Family came over for dinner and hubby bbqed steaks. By wish on sunday, contractions started coming consistently every 5 minutes. Calld the dr and they said to come on in. We were in the room and settled at the hospital by 8:30pm. Mt last drs appt 6 days earlier I was 1.5 dilated/90% effaced and -1 head placement. At 9pm on sunday I was 3cm/95%/-1. I tried to walk a lot and sit in the rocker to get through the contractions at the hospital. Got my epidural around midnight. At 12:45am I was 6cm. From 1-2am I attempted to try and get some sleep since I was finally not in pain. The nurse cam in to check me at 2:!5am and I had progressed to 9cm. The on call dr was called and by 3am she was in and I was able to start pushing. 36 minutes of pushing and Ava Grace entered the world! She was just beautiful and both husband and I cried! Got to hold her right away and loved every second of it. They had issues getting my bleeding under control so they pumped me full of some meds (no idea what they were). I puked for the next hour or two, I think because of the meds. No fun at all. The grandparents and aunt got to come in and hold her while I was puking! Smile Ava was born at 3:36am and was 6lbs 11 oz and 19 inches long.

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Whew.... finally got through the rest of these! Thanks for sharing your stories ladies! I love reading birth stories, and I find it fascinating how different they all are, how differently women approach birth, and what we all experience as a result. Truly interesting!

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I'm super late to this. But, just in case a junkie needs another birth story hit... Here it goes. (copied from my blog)

I started feeling cramps in my back on April 6th around 2 in the morning. They came in waves but not necessarily with any pattern. I knew those could be contractions but they were definitely different than my preterm labor contractions. I hadn't slept a wink and continued to stay up and monitor my cramps which were becoming more painful but still irregular. Jason woke up to me sitting on the bed crying and started rubbing my back. I think I was crying mostly because I was confused and didn't know what to do. Some of the cramps were long and intense, some were short and not that bad. I told Jason to go back to sleep and that I was going to lay in the living room where I might be more comfortable. I didn't want to tell him that I was thinking about packing my hospital bag. He went back to sleep and I started gathering my things but a big part of me was in denial. I was in denial even when I was on my hands and knees breathing through the pain. At 4:15am I woke Jason up and told him we needed to go to the hospital. He asked if he could take a shower to wake himself up and I thought he was being sarcastic so I told him if he could shower and be ready in five minutes then he could. Next thing I knew he was turning on the water... Luckily I didn't feel panicked so my sense of humor was still in tact. Lucky for him I mean.

We gave some extra pets to a sleepy Beagle and by 4:45am we were on the highway.

We fully expected to be sent home and that is why I didn't pack Jordan's coming home outfit. I mostly took things that I knew I would want for an overnight stay and figured we may even be home before breakfast. We arrived, got a room, got me a gown and I was attached to the familiar monitors. I explained what was happening to the nurse and she said she would check me to see what was going on. Well when she told us that I was 3cm and 90% effaced I wasn't sure whose face was more full of shock, mine or Jason's. The doctor on call said to hydrate me to see if that would stop the contractions (which at this time I realized were definitely contractions and were getting pretty painful). I knew it wouldn't work since I had been drinking loads of water the whole pregnancy. We waited, things didn't change, so the doctor came in to do an ultrasound to check Jordan's position. I could have saved him the trouble because I knew she was breech but I'm sure they want to make sure before they do a c/s. Sure enough, she was breech and I would be getting the c/s, just earlier than we had planned. I was happy that we had to wait long enough for a shift change and they were able to contact my OB. At around 8:45am they let us know that my doctor was on his way and we were having our c-section around 9am!

This is when the term "whirlwind" comes to mind.

Everything went very fast. All of a sudden the triage room was full of people from the surgical team, people taking my blood, the anesthesiologist coming in to explain how they would give me a combined epidural and before I knew it I was being wheeled to the OR. It took them five (yes FIVE) times to get the epidural in. A poke to numb, a poke with the epidural needle... all this while they were futilely telling me to relax. My OB actually made it in there while they were still trying and he took over comforting me. He put my head in his chest, rubbed my shoulders and his presence was such a huge relief. Finally they got it to work (my spine has a bit of a curve and that is what was causing the problem). I laid back, they put up the curtain and Jason was back by my side. At 9:45am we heard our baby crying and I was overcome with emotion, tears, and joy.

My doctor brought her around the curtain for us to get the first glimpse of our beautiful baby girl. Then she was cleaned, weighed, swaddled and brought back to us for a brief closer look. I really got to see her face this time and I said something (cannot remember what now) but I swear she smiled. Well, no, she DID smile. Try and tell me different, I dare you. They brought her in close so I could kiss her right cheek. I remember saying how soft she was. Such a perfectly sweet little cheek. Then she was out the doors and Jason and I were left to try and absorb what had just happened. A few minutes later Jason was looking a little pale and took a trip out in the hallway for some air. A lot had happened in a very short amount of time.

They had Jordan in the NICU for about 6 hours because of her low blood sugar but she graduated to the nursery on our floor by that first evening. That first day is very fuzzy. I was totally exhausted and could hardly stay awake to talk to all the visitors we had. We stayed at the hospital until Friday and she did VERY well for a 36 week baby. Their only concern was she lost 9% of her body weight and they don't want them losing any more than 10%. Her lowest weight was 4lbs 13.9oz and she's been gaining ever since!

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Here is mine

Here is mine. My due date was 6-28-08

On 6-25 at 6am I got up because I felt a little off. Went to the bathroom and realized I lost my mucus plug called my hubby who was at work and waited till 9am to call my midwife. Went in a little after 9am to see my midwife and get check and not much was going on and said I could be anytime or could be a week from now. I had a regular apt for the next day and went back home. Nothing happened all day not even one contraction so I decided to go to my mom?s for a long swim to see if I could get things moving. While swimming I had one sharp pain and that was it we had dinner and went home. Got settled down for the night and my hubby went to bed around 8pm because he works at 3am. I relaxed until 9pm and wanted to go to bed because my back started to hurt. I think as soon as I got into bed is when it started all in the center of my back. I got out of bed and on the birthing ball and watched some tv and just bounced on the ball a bit. I didn?t even know I was in labor because I didn?t realize that the back pain was back labor. I went to bed around 11pm and the pain in my back got worse so back to the ball I went. I tried to wake my hubby but he was out so I just messed around on the ball for a bit longer It was about 2am I finally got my hubby up and told him I thought I was in labor and he rubbed my back a bit and sat with me and timed me. They were anywhere from 8 - 6 min apart. We called the midwife and she told me to get a hot bath and see if it would stop and if so to go back to bed. Well I didn?t have a tub so got a hot shower and it didn?t help at all I actually think I felt worse. We called her back and she said wait as long as I can then go to the hospital. I was a baby and couldn?t take it. I wanted to go and see what was going on and felt more safe being at the hospital than at home. So off we went the ride was not funny I swear hit he all the bumpy roads on the way! Got to the hospital and got checked and I was 5cm which I happy with because I felt like I was being a baby and was hoping they were not going to tell me that I was 1cm. We got into a room and I was monitored and after that I got into the tub which was heaven. I didn?t want to get out but the water was to hot and it was making me sick. I did end up puking just once thought and felt much better after that. They asked me if I want a epi but I said no I want to try this a little longer. I was so tired all I wanted to do is lay in the bed so I did. I Iaid in bed laboring for a bit and got checked and around 4am I was 7cm and while getting checked my water broke and she said there was meconium in my fluids and explained it was ok but she would cut the cord and take the baby right away to get all fixed up. By then I had enough and asked for some kind of pain relief but only wanted 1/2 the dose to take the edge off. They gave me something though my IV which made me feel very dizzy and I could not open my eyes and didn?t help with the pain. So I lay in bed dizzy and by them I was moaning when the contractions hit. I got checked again and I was almost 9cm and I told my hubby to call my mom and tell her we were here. I remember after that my family coming up hearing them outside the door and my mom coming in to see me I was in the middle of a contraction and did not want to be touched and gave her a hand motion to go away. The midwife asked if I felt pressure and I said yes so she checked yet again and said I was there with a little lip but could push past it. So I rolled over and gave a push which was the best filling ever all the pain of the back labor was gone when I pushed. I remember looking at the clock and it was almost 5am. So I pushed and pushed and pushed and remember saying stop telling me to push I am!! I didn?t have any burning or pain while pushing just relief actually. At one point she told me to reach down his head was out and to feel him. I was grossed out but did and went right back to pushing. At 6:02 my son was born she cut the cord and gave him to the nurses right away he was crying really good and said that he had a big birthmark on his back. They said they were taking him to the NICU because he had a good amount of fluid in his lungs and need to get it out. I was afraid to hold him because I wanted him to just be ok so they took him and the midwife was massaging my uterus to get me to contract to deliver the placenta but I guess my body had enough so they put something in my IV that did the trick! I remember her commenting on how heavy my placenta was haha. I turned to my hubby and he looked a little green and told him to sit down. I thought he was going to pass out. After getting all cleaned up and stitched up I had 3 tears no big deal I didn?t feel a thing. My family came in to see the baby they waited for 2hrs and decided to leave since they still had him in the nicu. My hubby said he was going to get something to eat which I thought was to the cafeteria not leaving me to go to a restaurant so there I was no baby wondering if he was ok and no hubby or family laying in a bed trying to relax but was to worried about what was going on with my son who I hardly got to see when he was born. Finally my hubby came back and we asked if I could go see him. They wheeled me down to the nicu and I got to see him but not hold him and they took me back to my room it wasn?t until 12:30 that they brought him to my room so I could finally hold him! They said he had a good amount of fluid in his lungs and let us have him. We nursed and took pictures and my family came back around 4pm to see us. By then I was so tired since I had not slept all night that I didn?t care who was in the room I was in my own little world by 7pm most everyone left and by 8pm my hubby left me also. At 9pm they came to take him to the nursery so I could sleep. This time around my hubby is not going to leave me I made that clear!! All in all was a good experience and I am going to try to go natural this time around. I also opt out of shots and the eye drops when he was born the only thing he got was the vitamin k shot because he was going to get a circumcision. He was 8lbs 2oz and 20in on 6-26-08.