Buying baby gear..

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Buying baby gear..

So everyone's been asking me what I need for the baby and I have no clue. I'm guessing a crib and a carseat are the essentials but does anyone have some recommendations?

(I've been looking at crib vs. pack n play. I like the look of a crib but i also like the convenience of a pack n play.)

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We have a pack n play and a crib. The pack n play will be in our room while DS is a newborn and then when he gets old enough we'll put him in his crib. We did this is all the kids, partly because I am short so it was easier for me to lean into the pack n play lol.

Some people like changing tables. I never used one, I always just put something down and changed my kids on the floor. There's also bottle warmers and wipe warmers.

I'm not sure what all you have, but here is a list of the items I have:

diapers and wipes
bouncer (DD1 loved this)
swing (DD2 loved this)
diaper pail
mattress for the crib
breast pump
spit up rags
diaper bag
monitor (if baby sleeps in a different room)
diaper rash ointment (although different brands work for different babies)
crib sheets
baby carrier

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Hope that helps!

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Well, crib VS pack n play depends on your situation...we have both. DD slept in the pack n play in our room for the first 4 months then slept in her room in a crib. We used the pack n play after that for a long time... took it with us places and she would nap in it in the living room. No real recommendations, I just suggest getting one with the newborn napper... DD loved that thing!

Car seat... we bought a Graco travel system... it served it's purpose and I was happy to not have to wake her moving in and out of the car those first months when they sleep a lot. Eventually they get too heavy and I wasn't able to use it except for in the car, but still worth it for the first months use.

What else... we used a bouncy chair every single day for probably the first year of her life... she loved that bouncy. Her swing she barely used, but all kids are different... yours may love the swing and hate the bouncy.

That's all the stuff I can think of for now... I'm sure I missed some big stuff but can't remember.

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A u shaped nursing pillow. Leachco makes one with a strap to hold a baby up while he lays in it. The most popular is a boppy. That, t a safe place to sleepy and a carseat that fits your baby and your car are the only three things I thought are "needs" for everyone

. If you do a registry online it should have a guide. It can get overwhelming but if you just put everything you *may* need your friends and family will usually buy what worked well for them then most companies will give you a coupon for things left on the registry after your due date ehen you'll realize what your baby wants.

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There isn't some big list, in my mind - I learned after DD that a lot of stuff is just that, "stuff" and babies don't really need much of anything. We co-sleep and don't move baby for awhile, but we still have a crib from DD. Of course the car seat w/ 2 bases. Bottles if you plan on using them, we do after about the 3-month mark when I return to work and got the Dr. Brown's (LOVE!). We had a boppy as well but ended up using a pillow for nursing. A swing and bouncy are nice to haves as well.

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Get a boppy for nursing- you'll love it! It's so comfortable. I never had a packnplay, they are cumbersome and take up tons of space. We have a bassinet, boppy, and Moby wrap for the first few months. It's all we need, but we're pretty low key. Oh also, a baby swing, as expensive as you can afford. They're awesome for when you have to cook dinner or take a shower or something.

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some kind of waterproof pads for the bassinet/crib
boppy pillow
bassinet and crib (depending on your housing situation and if you want baby sleeping in the same room with you for a while)
change pad (even if you dont have a changing table, we're repurposing a vanity, it might be good to lay baby on)
atleast 2 crib sheets
3-4 swaddling/receiving blankets
4-6 burpcloths
4-6 washcloths
2-4 hooded towels
infant tub (we actually got an infant to toddler tub, not sure yet how it will work out)
first aid/safety kit for baby
baby hangers
i also got the graco travel system, seemed like the most logical choice

These are just things that I asked for and got (I'm a FTM) from my babyshower. Of course also diapers, wipes, bath accessories...

I hope this helps!

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I second getting a change pad (a nice thick one with the angled sides) even if you don't do an actual change table. It's good for being able to change the baby comfortably anywhere, and, if a mess gets made, it contains the mess.

I must be the only person who got a boppy and found it useless. I think I "sat" DD in it a few times, but I don't remember ever using it for breastfeeding. And I was an on-demand round the clock breast-feeder (still am! well, except she's night-weaned now), but I still never used it. Dunno.. ???

I second having something- a swing or a bouncy- to put the baby in while you shower. We only had a bouncy seat- it played music and vibrated, and it kept DD happy while I was in the shower until like 6 mos. We're getting a swing this time too, but that said, we're just getting a fairly cheap portable one.

If you're a mamma that likes to be on the go, I super recommend some kind of baby carrier- a ring sling or a stuctured carrier like the Ergo are my top recommendations. I found strollers really cumbersome and a PITA...when I wore the baby, I was hands free, didn't have to "navigate" foot traffic like you do with a stroller, and plus generally speaking, the baby is SO happy in there, and it's really good for baby too!

Nail clippers. You'll need to use them sooner than you can imagine, and more often than you can imagine. I LOVE my "Little" clippers (there is a brand that makes "Little" everything...).

Oh, and STEAL the blue bulb aspirator nose sucker thing that they give you at the hospital to suck baby's nose clean. Unless you want to try something like the nose frieda, the hospital bulb is the only one that works!

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We used our crib and pack and play for both kids. They pack and play went in our room for the 1st 4-6 months and then off to the crib. Both of my kiddos love their boppis. ds used his from tiny baby stage cause I could keep him right by me on the floor or bed and now its the only pillow he likes to use in bed. dd didnt use her as much as a baby becasue I didnt put her on the floor as much with a 17month old running around but it is also the only pillow she will use in bed now.

Neither of my kids would swing so I still have a brand new swim to try again with this one,

Bouncy chair was a life saver. DD slept in it for 4 months cause it was the only way she would stop crying for a few hours. I may need to buy a new one but I have to check.

A waterproof pad for your bed. I changed the kids on our bed a bunch and especially with boys they love to pee!I have a changing pad for the baby dresser but sometimes it is just quicker where ever oyu are.

I have the chicco travel system. I have 2 carriers to wear the baby in but they hated it so I had to use the baby seat till they could sit up in a grocery cart.

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I think our "need" list has gotten shorter with each we refine what we really need and what is just "stuff".

This time? I think you "need"-- a good sling or carrier. I use a pocket sling and an Ergo. A safe carseat. A place for baby to sleep if you aren't going to co-sleep. Clothes. Burp towels/blankets. Something to swaddle the baby in. Diapers.

I think that is about it as far as "needs".

We do have other things, like a pack n play, but that is mostly bc we are very on the go and travel a good bit....though it seems even that is more for when they are over a year old. New babies just sleep with me and dh. Wink