Caffeine and Guilt

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Caffeine and Guilt

I've started drinking coffee again every morning, to see if it would stop my migraines. And it has.
With my previous pregnancy I quit coffee cold turkey and avoided caffeine during the entire pregnancy except for maybe 1 diet coke one time.
So while I'm thrilled my migraines are gone, I am consumed with guilt about drinking a cup of coffee, sometimes a cup and a half of coffee, every morning. These are small mugs, so maybe I'm drinking 8-10 oz of coffee, no more.
Still. I feel SO bad. And I read ominous warnings about too much caffeine consumption during pregnancy, but what is too much? Am I overdoing it?

Does anyone else drink coffee while pregnant, and if so, how much? at what times during the day?

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:lurk: I am glad you are finding some relief. I think that caffeine is better than constantly popping pills. The amount you are drinking doesn't sound like a whole lot. I have heard that some caffeine is definitely okay.

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I don't drink coffee, but I drink soda. I usually drink one 20 ounce diet pepsi per day(I'm a DP addict, so this is really cutting back for me). I don't feel bad about it at all. I think you're fine.
I think it is super unfair that Dr.'s and unrealistic studies (lab mice/rats) are allowed to scare the crap out of pregnant people. I mean, I think everyone should try to be as healthy as they can, but I think most things are ok in moderation. On a similar note, I also have a small glass of wine once in a while with dinner, and don't feel bad about it... but I realize that's not for everyone.

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march of dimes says I believe up to 2 cups a day is ok!! I drink up to 2 a day...usually 1! Dont feel guilty!

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Please please please don't feel guilty about a cup and a half of coffee/day. That is nothing and baby is totally fine!

I have caffeine in moderation (and alcohol....*gasp*)

You have to drink something like 5+ cups/day to show affects on a are fine.

So glad your headaches have subsided. What a relief!

And I'm with Janel, 'tis better than popping painkillers each day.

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Agreed, don't stress about it at all! You are well under the limit! I do a cup of coffee in the morning and then usually a diet coke in the afternoon to make it through the day! SOOO glad to hear your headaches have subsided! Yay!

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I drink a cup every morning and have the entire pregnancy. I would drink two, but we make strong coffee in our house. Two cups a day is the guideline, but it does depend on the strength of the coffee (and the size of the cup), so if you tend to drink strong coffee, it's better to drink less. Or make it weaker while pregnant. You are FINE! And at this point in your pregnancy, there is virtually no chance you will hurt the baby with a little coffee, so don't feel guilty! I actually considered switching to decaf, but found out the chemicals used to get the caffeine out are worse than the caffeine!

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No guilt here and I'm the queen. I figure I'd rather have the kid used to my 3 sodas (or tea) now instead of waiting until I cave during breastfeeding.

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Oh my goodness.... indeed, please do not feel guilty over this!!! Imagine the stress you're cutting OUT of the baby's life by not suffering headaches anymore (which surely somehow affected her as well, even if just through YOU not feeling your best). I don't drink coffee regularly, but, I drink it whenever I want... and when I'm out for breakfast, I'll sometimes have like 3 cups...because it's not something I do every day. Seriously... you're taking great care of yourself by doing a whole lot of other good things (aren't you one of our resident still-exercising-regularly-mammas?)... you do not need to feel guilty over this! (((hugs, mamma!)))

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Oh I totally understand the guilt! I quit caffeine cold turkey with DS, and basically avoided it at all costs! This time, I quit cold turkey again after I got my BFP, and I avoided it until the second tri, but I've had some cups of decaf over the last few months, and I always feel TERRIBLE about it! I just miss a good cup of coffee soooo bad sometimes! I actually got a medium decaf coffee at Dunkin Donuts this week (I got really sick during breakfast, so when we were out running errands, I got a bacon, egg and cheese on a sesame bagel from DD, which came with the coffee ;)), and I drank half and felt so guilty I didn't want to drink the other half. DH finally convinced me I was being insane, so I finished it. And it was freakin' AWESOME! Haha.

Sorry, got long-winded there. What I mean to say is, I think I've read the 3-5 cup thing in the past, too (I think it's like 300-some mg/day is "allowed"), so you aren't harming baby at all! I agree that the migraines are worse, and a bit of caffeine to take them away is SO much better than suffering and/or pills.

But, I totally understand where you're coming from! It's the mommy guilt - it starts early! Wink

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I avoided all caffiene with DD but the rules are totally different this time, ha! I drink coffee a couple times a week when I feel like it and on a regular basis drink sweet tea and every once in awhile soda depending on my mood. My OB said you would have to consume quite a bit of caffiene for it to have any affect on the baby and not to worry about small consumption.

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Thanks everyone for your responses! It's nice to know what other mamas are doing and that drinking caffeine isn't such a big deal. Mara I laughed when you called me a "resident" exerciser but yes, that's me. It feels SOO good to exercise. Smile

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you're allowed about 12-15 ozs of regular coffee a day, so i wouldn't panic. i picked up coffee drinking again in the third tri and a friend of mine drank coffee throughout her pregnancy. she had a healthy, but energetic, little girl. just watch what other caffeine you get throughout the day

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Lurker~ I have nine children. With eight of the pregnancies I drank several cups of coffee, soda, whatever! All of the kids turned out just fine. Caffeine really will not hurt your baby!

Just try and not eat straight coffee grounds;)

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According to my dietitian, you can safely drink up to 300 mg of caffeine a day. A 6 oz cup of coffee has between 108-180 mg of caffeine, depending on strength.