"Calm your hormones" *vent*

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"Calm your hormones" *vent*

Im sick of every "problem" I have being blamed on hormones. Are we allowed to have any non-hormone related problems?

My husband told me to "calm my hormones" bc I was upset that over an 18 hour period he only had time to contact me and check on me at 1 AM his time (cyprus). In other words, he was unable to reply to my email or call me because he was "too busy" from 7AM until 1AM.

The only worse thing than not checking on me when Im so sick is to tell me its my hormones that are making me upset. It makes me feel that first, Im not important (especially during pregnancy) and that second, any time Im mad it is not his fault....it is hormones.

Oh joy.

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ha, get use to it, this is my fifth pregnancy my husband has been blaming my hormones since before i was pregnant.

i try not to let it get to me, because i realize how foolish he is in thinking such ridiculous things. i mean this is a man that will quit his job to go deer hunting.... obviously there is some function missing in his head if he thinks that's even slightly a good idea.

hang in there, call a girlfriend or your mom. Smile they are usually more understanding.

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Sorry! I'm on the other end of the spectrum, where I KNOW I'm being crazy and overly emotional (more so than my usual crazy self) and my husband seems to keep forgetting that I am pregnant and just taking me at face value, instead of taking me with a grain of salt. You just can't win!

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Im with Mara...my hormones ARE totally out of control!!!! I have to often "regroup" b/c I am always either on the verge of crying (for anything) or blowing steam from the top of my head..lol. My DF is pretty good at understanding that Im a lil cooky right now BUT sometimes I can tell he has no idea how to handle my mood swings....ahhh the joys of pregnancy:rolleyes:

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My husband is gone too. He's a navy pilot and so his work is very demanding and he can't tell me about a lot of it. Then, on top of it, he's awful with remembering to call me. I feel for you.
My husband forgot to call me and say goodnight last night- why? Because he was getting drunk with some other pilots on his one night off. Big FAIL! Wink This morning I let him know how much that upset me, and he responds with, "Well I won't be able to be in touch with you for four days, so I'll call when I can". Oh great. Sad

Sorry your husband is blaming your hormones. In this case, he shouldn't. When we're left behind, we just like to know that our spouse is thinking of us.
(and I often accuse my husband that he forgets all about me on his missions. Wait. Maybe he does. I'm cracking myself up here)

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ugh! I know how you feel! Men!

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Thanks ladies!!!!

OMG, my heart breaks for military families. The families left at home to manage deserve medals of their own. Thank you for the perspective!!!!! I dont know how you do it......

Yes, Men is Right. Good grief. I seriously refuse to play some “Im hormonal so everything I say is out of perspective” role for 9 months. I realize that we all get a little whacky, but I am the first to admit that and laugh at it. We still have valid feelings!!!!

Now, if you will all excuse me, I have to go throw up….again….now. Blum 3