Can't stop crying today!

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Can't stop crying today!

I am so emotional today, it's horrible. I quit my job as a CNA at an assisted living/memory care facility about two weeks ago, and stopped by today to pick up my check. I had planned on popping in and saying hi to all the residents because I miss them a TON. While I was there, I see people running all over the place and all the nurses are out on the floor. Two fire trucks pull up and an ambulance. It turns out, one of the residents I LOVE, collapsed and had passed away. I left really quickly because I had my boys with me and, at the time, only knew who was in distress, but not really what happened. I am so upset over it, and feel HORRIBLE for quitting. I can't stop crying about it.

THEN! I forgot that tomorrow is an early release day for DS1's school, so he has to go to AM 4K instead of PM's and it interferes with the timing of our U/S tomorrow. DH immediately says he can't go to the u/s so he can stay home to take DS1 from school to the babysitter. It really hurt my feelings that he was so eager to get out of going to the u/s, when we both have parents who are able to help out with things like that, and it would have just taken a phone call to figure out. I told him how I felt, and he shot back with "Well do you really expect me to go to ALL your Dr. appointments this time around?" This was a HUGE slap in the face... he's not usually insensitive like that, and KNOWS that I don't care if he goes to the 10 minute OB appointment. I just like him to be there for the ultrasounds, at least to support me, because I get super nervous and crazy about them. I don't know. He doesn't understand how it was hurtful to me, and I can't stop crying about that now!
That is all. Thank you for reading.

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Aw, I'm sorry you're having such an emotional day. Sad That is very sad about the person who died... but you KNOW that had nothing to do with you quitting, right?

And, as for your DH... I'm not impressed with him! Especially with your history of loss, and it being an ultrasound... I'm very surprised by his reaction! I don't know many people who would NOT want to see an ultrasound... whether it's their baby or not! So, you can tell him I think he's being a jerk too. Sad He needs to be nice to his pregnant wife!!!

I hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

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Im so sorry! My husband comes to nadda...nothing, no ultrasounds, no appointments...he did at least come in for a few minutes to my surgery...but he left as soon as he could and I recovered alone. We have no help though...the fact that your parents could have helped makes it really insensitive. Im so sorry about your work place! I hope your ultrasound goes really well....and I hope your dh comes up with an apology for being so harsh. ((HUGS)) Amy