Changing rooms?

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Changing rooms?

I need some help.

My hubby wants to move my son to the bigger room and make the smaller room(my sons room) the babies new room. My worry is this is to much change for my son and I don"t want to have issues with him because of all the change. All thoughts are welcome. :confused:

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I would say its all in the delivery...and it makes a lot of sense to me to have the big boy with the big room. I dont know about your budget, but you could spiff up that new room and make it super exciting for him...even with not spending a ton of money. It could be a really positive change because of the baby. A new baby is coming...and wow I got this new great room that is AWESOME!! I think he will love it!! Smile If you are not sure, you could talk to him about the possibility of a new great room that has more space for his things...and talk about the color he would want it...and what theme he might like (with your guidance of course) and see if this excites him or stresses him out! My kids would be super happy!

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:lurk: from July

We are doing this, in fact we are doing a three way switch: Combining the guest room and office by putting the office into the guest room, moving my son into the office, putting the baby in my son's old room.

We want to have it done 2-3 months before the baby is due so DS doesn't feel displaced by the baby. But we have done a lot of talking about his "big boy" room, and he's seeing all the different steps we're taking (oh so slowly!) to get his big boy room ready for him. We've avoided talking about the baby taking his room. I'm sure he'll put it together at some point, though. Smile

Anyway, he's 3.5 and seems to be taking it well and is excited. I think as long as it's not 2 weeks before the baby comes, and as long as you present it right, it should be OK. Good luck with the decision, and the transition if that's what you decide to do!

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Agreed with the other ladies! I don't know how old your son is but it's really all in the presentation at this age Smile

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Yep-- we've managed change with our kids over lots of things-- and it is all about how you present it, your attitude and giving your child a voice in the move. Let him pick a new color, talk up the bigger size of the room, etc. Let him participate in the decision making and he'll get excited.

We've moved our kids across the country, swapped bedrooms, moved houses, etc-- and they've each adapted well each time. It will all work out just fine.....

Good luck!

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Thanks everyone I feel better about this!!