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Has anyone else been having any contractions? My uterus has seemed more "sensitive" this time around, and now I've been having contractions more frequently. Specifically, immediately after my 5 hour clinical on Thursdays and Fridays last week and today. I have regular contractions for a couple hours... like 5-10 min apart, but REALLY short (15 seconds maybe). Last week it was just tightening and uncomfortable... I put myself on bedrest, drank a ton of water, and said if it didn't go away by 4pm, I'd call. They went away, and I felt better.
Fast forward to today... it's happening again. I tried to hydrate better, but I don't have a ton of time to be constantly drinking water. They're more painful this week and concentrated in my lower pelvic area. I know I should call my OB, but I'm afraid she'll pull me out of clinical. They don't feel like real labor contractions, but the fact that they're starting to hurt is worrying me a little.
I know that baby's health is most important, but at the same time, I've worked my butt off this semester to get to this point, and would be crushed if I had to drop. I hope that doesn't sound super selfish. If you were experiencing this, what would you do?

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I get contractions when I do too much in a day - spending hours at the mall, long trips at Walmart etc. They make me stop in my tracks, and I like to find a bench to sit on and rest for 10 min or so. Then I go back to what I was doing. I stay hydrated and it happens anyway. I don't feel like labor is close at all though.

Since you are on your feet all day it's probably just going to happen a lot. As long as they don't end up 2-3 minutes apart for more than an hour I bet you are just thinning out and dilating. Should help real labor go by quickly (hopefully). Biggrin I was at 3cm for a couple of weeks before giving birth. And went from 50%-85% effaced during a couple week period. And even though I had interventions (pitocin), my labor went REALLY fast.

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I'm experiencing that! I had an appt yesterday and the MW did a check because what I described (basically what you are having) sounded like it could be normal BH's but was concerning enough to warrant a check to make sure nothing is going on. Nothing was, cervix was closed and long, although she could feel the baby's head which I thought was a little weird, but she didn't seem concerned so I'm not. She said that what was causing the pain is the way the ligaments are being pulled during the BH contractions and that my uterus is just a little more sensitive this time. You're probably OK, but it would probably put your mind at ease to just have them do a cervix check. That's probably all they will do unless they find anything concerning once they do the check. Every pregnancy is different, and on top of that most FTMs don't notice the BH contrax, but you recognize them the second time around.

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I got a fair number of contractions lately, too. They are short and usually after I've over-extended myself or post-workout. Just keep hydrating and sleep well at night.....

Just recently mine have gotten to where they are a bit uncomfy, but they aren't regular or anything, so I don't worry 'bout them.

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My doctor gets concerned when they are rhytmic and/or I'm having 6 or more in an hour. He says for me to lay down, drink lots of water and see if they stop w/in an hour. If they don't, he wants me to go to L&D to get checked or come into their office if it's during their office hours. I do have a history of PTL and PTD but I still think this is standard advice for all of his patients.

It sounds like it's just your body reacting to your activity but I would hate it if it turned into more. I think you need to listen to your body and what it's telling you. It's not always easy to slow down but sometimes I think we just have to.

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Sorry you are having them! I have never had a contraction outside of active labor. I am hoping that continues for the rest of this pregnancy as well. It does not sound comfy that is for sure!