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With DD, I wanted Mexican ALL of the time. We ate at the local Mexican place at least 2-3x per week. And I couldn't tolerate anytype of red sauce. With this one, all I can think of is Italian Food. I want a vinegar based salad and spaghetti, and I could eat it every night.

Anything sticking with you as far as cravings go?

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I eat a bowl of steamed broccoli every day. Sometimes I steam it with garlic or make a cheese sauce. But I'm loving broccoli right now.

I would KILL for some olive garden breadsticks. But the closest olive garden is across the border in Michigan, and since I'm not going to go to a different country just for breadsticks.. I'm waiting till our next shopping trip.

I could not be anywhere near rotisserie chicken with either of my other pregnancies without it instantly making me sick... This time it doesn't phase me at all. It's weird how different they can be

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I don't have anything really consistent. I'm still not really big on I'd go for savory/salty/garlicky first.....but I'll finish with sweet--lol.

My ginger chai craving/addiction has passed.

Mostly I just want lots of protein and feel better when I get it.....

And citrus is always yummy.

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That's awesome to hear a broccoli craving because mine is cauliflower. I've always kindof liked it, but now I can't get enough, it's like I daydream about it.

And the one major bummer I've had concerning food is with pickles. They've always been my favorite food and I'd probably never gone a day without atleast one, until now. I can eat a pickle now and within five minutes I'm running to the bathroom to hug the throne. It's so disappointing.

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No real cravings here! I never had them much with DS, either. Mine is more if I see something on TV or someone is talking about something in particular, I get obsessed with it and have to have it. Usually I end up not liking it or only eating some of it, but at least it takes care of the obsession! I know I obsessed over a Big Mac for a few weeks a bit ago, and I've never even had a Big Mac in my life! I think I ate about 1/4 of it before it made me want to puke! Haha. Being pregnant is a trip. Wink

But no real cravings, just ideas getting stuck in my head. Wink Luckily, none this week so far! I have more "ew, that sounds/looks/smells so gross" than I do cravings.

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I'm still craving soda ALL the time... Diet Pepsi, and Diet Dr. Pepper from the fountain machine at the gas station Biggrin Oranges (also orange soda), and Jimmy John's veggie sub with hot peppers are big on the list. Like I could eat them multiple times per day. Other things I think I want, but once I cave and finally get it, it grosses me out and only want a bit or two. Super weird. I craved lemonade with DS1, and grapes with DS2, but nothing major or "I NEED it now" kind of a thing.

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I'm finding myself not knowing WHAT I want a lot. Like I swear I'm hungry, but I don't want something totally sweet or salty... no good. I got up at 7:30, and it's already 9 and I haven't even had breakfast yet, because just NOTHING sounds good. And I never go this long without eating after getting up!

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Rebecca - I am the exact same as you! With DD1 & DD2 it was all the way mexican. This time is is SALAD and pasta. Weird thing is is that I am normally not a big salad person at all. Now I crave olive garden salad. YUUMMM!

Aversion is all poultry. I cannot to chicken or turkey at all. Kinda a bummer, need to get my protein some other way I guess!

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my cravings have been consistent...velveeta shells and cheese, orange soda, home made beef ravioli, and a few self made creations i come up with at work. working fast food has its perks for being pg however i dont always want the bad foods so every now and then i'll make my 2 favorites-quesadillas, and french toast. crew was shocked to see me make french toast out of big mac buns but it turned out pretty good. working midnights every so often i always crave french toast and working late evening shifts i always crave quesadillas but overall though velveeta shells and cheese has and will always be my top craving.

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Burgers. From day one. I love burgers this pregnancy. I've been making my own because they are far healthier but man there are days when I wish Burger King had a delivery service. I'd be their best best customer....