Crazy Hunger!

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Crazy Hunger!

I am hungry ALL of the time, but can only eat small portions. So it feels like I'm eating all day long. Still have major aversions to meat. Sickness is minimal, thankfully!

How is everyone else feeling in this area?

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I'm not hungry constantly but when I get hungry it HURTS and I have to eat immediately or I'm hurting and cranky.

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Both of the above. I'm hungry all the time and if I can't get something, I get terribly mean and want to be sick almost immediately. And if I eat too much I get heartburn. It's so different compared to last time.

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I'm that way too! I went from being sick all day and never wanting to eat, to NEEDING to eat all day. If I don't eat, I get to the starving, low blood sugar, *****y mood, and then feel like I'm going to either pass out or puke. If I eat too much though, I end up going into a major food coma and also have to fight throwing up... it's a fine line. I was thinking of getting tested for GD early because I seem super sensitive to food this time around.

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I still pretty much eat every 2 hours-- and if I don't, I'm hungry.....

Like you, I don't eat A LOT.....just often.

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oh God yeah! I've called this pregnancy "The big eat" because it's allllllll I think about!