Daniel Ryan's birth story. <3

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Daniel Ryan's birth story. <3

Around 6 o'clock in the evening on the 10th, Nick and I were outside planting some pretty new flowers in my flowerbed when my neighbor came by and joked "You're going to send yourself into labor working like that!" Nick works nightshift so around nine we were laying in bed watching television and relaxing before he had to leave and I started getting these terrible sporadic pains in my lower abdomen. I blew it off thinking it was just a few "practice" contractions, I wasn't due for another week atleast.

I went to bed at 10 after Nick left for work. I woke up at 1 o'clock on the 11th with the same pain. It felt like I had to have a BM so I spent the next couple hours pacing the house, going back and forth to the bathroom. At 3 the pain was so intense that I called the hospital and asked for their opinion, which was to come get checked out. I called Nick to let him know then called my aunt who managed to get ahold of my dad before he left for work. I realized there were pauses and started timing while I waited for my family, the contractions were a steady 2 minutes apart.

I think I was in denial until this point, I was so worried I'd go to the hospital and just have constipation and embarrass myself. I live about half an hour away from the hospital and the ride there was rough but manageable. Nick met us at the hospital and they admitted me. The first time I was checked I was 4-5 cm and stretchy. After this my memory gets a little fuzzy. I tried to wait out the contractions but by the time I got all of the bloodwork done I was ready for the epidural. Everytime they tried to put a needle in me my vein would blowout, they said it was because of the stress. Baby started having decels on the monitor so they put me on oxygen and had me change sides to help him out. They also attached the internal monitor to baby's head.

My doctor made it to the hospital at 7 and checked me again, I was at 6-7 cm and 90% thinned. After this I was given the epidural and it was amazing! Everything went very quickly after that. My water broke on its own with a bit of a gush. The nurse explained to me that there was meconium in the fluid and that baby would need to be monitored a little more closely. I rested for a little while and around 9 I started feeling a lot of pressure. The nurse checked me and said "he's right there!" She said she could see his hair and he had a lot of it. They got everything set up but my doctor had gone into surgery so they were trying to delay things until he could be there. The nurse called it hormones but for some reason my entire body started shaking and I just could not get it to stop. Doctor Olsson finally showed up and I pushed through two contractions and baby Daniel was born at 9:38am!

Daniel Ryan was born on 6/11/12, a healthy 8.2lb, 21 inches and as perfect and beautiful as he could be. Smile

I'm so deeply in love with this child, it's incredible.

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Congratulations! Sounds like a smooth and fairly quick birth.

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WOW! Awesome birth story.....It doesnt get easier than that!!!!! Congrats......

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What a great story. Sounds like you did wonderfully!

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Wow, I have total birth envy! Lol!!! Two pushes and he's out? Girl, you had it great Smile
Thanks for sharing and enjoy all the bonding with your new baby.

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Amazing! Congratulations on little Daniel and what an awesome birth.

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I think I had it a little too easy because I'm gladly willing to do it again soon. Blum 3
Really, none of it was unbearable, nothing like what I'd expected. It was a breeze compared to what I'd been preparing myself for. Smile

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Sounds like it was pleasantly surprising for you! Smile Glad you had such a great experience!

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Sounds like you had a good experience! Thanks for sharing and congrats!! Enjoy those newborn moments!