daughter is not going to be happy

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daughter is not going to be happy

tonight we were hanging around at the end of the night like we usually do and we were reading our books. My oldest dd was looking at a chinese calendar and asking everyone what year they were born so she could look up the animal. We started talking about how 2012 was the dragon and that noone else in our family was the dragon yet. A couple of my kids said Mama....you HAVE to have a baby!!! Maddie said, "NOO NO NO I WILL KILL MYSELF IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER BABY!!!" great. I didnt know if she would be thrilled...but I was NOT expecting this response. I think people say stuff to her about our family size...stupid people!!!!

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Aw, that's rough. But I bet it takes her a while to come around, and then once the baby actually arrives, she won't be able to not love it. How old is she?

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((hugs)). She'll come around.....blasted people and thier mouths. Sorry!

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She is 13. People make fun of us for our van that we drive. I know they say stuff to her about all of our children...the kids are rotten...their parents are too!

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Oh that's sad. Sad I was very insecure at 13, and always worrying about what other people thought of me. I wouldn't want to be gossiped about. But seriously, it's not like you are the Duggars with 19 kids and 1 on the way! (I love the Duggars!) lol Big families are normal in my state though so you'd all fit right in! Smile

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I'm sorry. I know that's go to be hard to hear; hopefully she comes around!

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