Day Before Due Date Appointment

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Day Before Due Date Appointment

Last 2 weeks I was 2cm/50%, and now I am up to 2cm/75%. Hey, its something right? BP, heart rate and urine are all good. Dr asked if I wanted to be induced AGAIN, even though last week I was clear I am all about letting this baby come when he/she is ready. He was all good with me reminding him of that, and eased off, but did make it clear that if we make it to 41 weeks we have to seriously talk about inducing. Which is still a week away, so I am hoping we don't get to that point! My first was 4 days late and my second was on her due date. So, we'll see what this one is up to! There are 2 drs in the practice and my primary dr is off next week, so it would be a bummer if I missed out on delivering with him, but oh well. For my last 2 the dr was pretty much there for the pushing and sewing me up and that was about it! I somehow gained FIVE pounds? Seriously? Sheesh...I guess I was making up for loosing last week! Smile Well, thats all that is new here. Since he checked me I have had a TON of pressure (lhurts to walk) and lots of braxton hicks, which I am assuming is normal when your cervix is checked. Thats all for me!

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Every little bit of change counts! Good for sticking to your plan of not being induce! I have a ton of cramps and backach after being checked and some bleeding also. We are getting close Smile

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Good for you to sticking to your guns! Baby will be here when he/she is ready! Won't be much longer now, no matter what!