Derecho with a baby

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Derecho with a baby

So! Im sure some of you were also affected....but just came off 3 days with no power in 105 degree heat and a 2.5 week old baby AND 7 year old. ACK! How horrible!!!! Thank god we have a basement for sleeping but spent the days trying to stay busy and in restaurants.

The storm itself was nuts. I actually got the family on the lower levels in a doorway. Something Ive never done before. The winds exceeded 75 miles per hour. Most stoplights and hospitals were out of power. And I was thinking....sheesh....the storm hit 3 days after my technical due date.....what about all the poor women who went into labor that day/night!!!!

How stressful. Now we have power back and Im relishing in the A/C and catching up on emails etc.

The plus side is I learned a new word: derecho.

Anyway. Im back.

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Wow- yeah- that does not sound like fun!!! Glad you survived it and stayed safe!!

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Glad you're ok! And it's probably amazing to enjoy AC again Smile

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Sounds crazy! Glad things are back to normal. I don't know what derecho is... okay googled it.. now I know too!