Different Pregnancy!

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Different Pregnancy!

With DD, by 6 weeks I was non-stop vomitting which didn't let up until 14/15 weeks. I was asleep by 7pm every night and I wanted sweet things. This time, I'm gaggy but overall OK...I get nausea but it does't lead to anything as long as I eat (knock on wood!). All I want is spicy, salty food!

I guess it's true that every pregnancy is different!

How about yours? Are you seeing differences?

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SO different! With DD I was nauseous from morning til night from about 5 weeks through til 12 or 13 weeks. This time, I have barely been nauseous ever. With DD I came home from work, sat down on the couch and didn't move until it was time to go to bed. This time I can't do that because of DD, but, I also don't really feel like I need/want to. I'm still cooking (though often not wanting to!), and staying busy in general. So yeah....totally different. I think I also feel like there is more at stake this time, because I realize in a way that wasn't possible with a first pregnancy, that there really is a baby coming...a baby growing... a baby that is once again going to change everything!

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This one is different for me too. I am usually drop dead tired...like barely able to hold my head up tired, but feel fine. This time Im queasy a lot...my cramping is more, Im gagging often, but Im not as tired. Im tired...but its not the lethargy that came with other pg's I have had in the past!

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Im less sick this time, too....yay! So far Ive only puked a handful of times....w my girls I puked every morning without fail. Who knows? Maybe my body has finally figured out how to be pg. Wink 'bout time!

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Yup I'm in the same boat. Was so ill and wanted anything with sugar in it but this time, all the McDonalds ads on tv are making me want a big Mac (yuck ) and I don't even eat them!

So yes I'm completely different too.. And I'm alot more tired then I was with Addison.. And alot hungrier!

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Definitely! I am feeling more like I did with pregnancy #1. Very, very, very tired. But not feeling the all-day nausea, gagging, barfy feeling like I did with #2 and #3. DH is convinced that it has to do with whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Felt sick all the time with both girls, and with the boy, not so much.

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My first two pregancies were almost exactly identical. This one...not so much. I wake up with hunger pains, crave salty foods, and off and on nausea throughout the day. I basically chew on a Tums prior to going to bed. Pitiful. I hear different people say, "You are having a boy!" I don't take anything to heart until the doctor tells me!

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"mom2sebastian" wrote:

DH is convinced that it has to do with whether the baby is a boy or a girl. Felt sick all the time with both girls, and with the boy, not so much.

My sister swears this. She has two boys and a girl and she was only really sick with my niece. I have two boys now and really didn't have any symptoms with them at all. I thought this pregnancy was going to be similar until Monday hit and now I am getting a good lesson in what morning (all day) sickness is about. I never ever felt this awful with my boys so it will be interesting to see what this peanut is.

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I dont know if this is true or not. My first was a boy. Sick NON STOP. Couldnt even drive by a grocery store without throwing up. This time, so far, I havent thrown up, though I have felt like it a couple times. Then again, at 6 weeks, Im not convinced it hasnt hit me yet. My bbs dont hurt as much. Again, its early. I can say the first time I didnt work, this time I am. I feel like, yes, Im sick, but Im so busy during the day I simply dont have time to be sick. Lord help me if I do....Im trying to keep this a secret from my co-wokers!!!! Im about to ask for a raise and for some reason I think if they know Im less likely to get it? Stupid glass ceiling.

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I was STARVING hungry with my two girls, obsessed with food and when I was going to eat, but not so far with this one. DH thinks it must be a boy...