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doc apt

today I had a great apt. My baby was active according to doc, hb in the 150's. Gained waaaayyyy too much weight...but Ill deal with that in the new year!! Smile Im scheduled for my surgery on Thursday, I talked to the doc about my mounting anxiety about the surgery...but actually just in general. I have been feeling anixous ALL the time...whenever I have to leave the house for doctors appointments, hair appointments...everything that used to be just normal routine stuff has become a struggle. He told me he will figure out a safe drug to give me during the surgery to help with my nerves...we might try IV benedryl. We talked about an anti anxiety med that he said would be safe for a one time use but can be dangerous over time...and I said I really didnt want ANYTHING that might hurt the baby so I was not crazy for that option. He also is getting me a name of a therapist he knows that deals with anxiety and modalities to help deal with anxiety that does not include medication. I have to do something to get this under control! We also talked about the cervix length the ultrasound tech got and both agreed she was not measuring my cervix and he was not sure what happened. He decided he is sending me to a perinatologist for an in depth ultrasound to get a good look at the cervix and a more in depth look at baby by ultrasound due to my age. He said the NT screening was fine...although he did not give me the actual result. I also had the AFP draw today, which I did not realize is NOT part of the NT screen is now looking at other things including Spina bifida and is not used for the Downs syndrome screen in this office. So...I will have the specialist do my ultrasound in just 2 weeks!! If you could send any positive thoughts and prayers for my surgery...Id appreciate it!