doc apt.

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doc apt.

had another apt and scan today. Did the glucose test. No news is good news...I guess if tomorrow goes by and I dont hear from them then everything was fine (which is what the doctor is suspecting). I have gained a total of 20 pounds as of now. My blood pressure was 100/50. The ultrasound was good. Cervix is nice and long, fluid is normal, major organs are looking normal...she is still a she...and her heart rate was 124 (LOW). She is head down....and measuring in the 75%!! BIG GIRL!! So...a wonderful appointment! we estimate 10or 11 more weeks until we meet her!! I have only gone past 38 weeks twice out of 8 kids before!! Smile getting soooo excited!

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So exciting! Glad she looks well in weeks. That is so soon!

I've never gone less than 40 weeks--lol. So I'm planning on a due date baby (or later!)

Do you have a name for your sweet girl? We are still stumped on names. Sad

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Sounds like a great appointment!

I would LOVE to see this little boy again on u/s - I'm having a hard time thinking it's actually a boy, weird huh?

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Yay for a great appointment! I can't believe it's only 10 or 11 more weeks?! Yikes!!!

I have a repeat u/s in a week and a half to double check my cervical length again, and I'm excited to see him again!! It's amazing how much they grow into "little people" at this point! I have a hunch he is head down, based on movements, so I am curious to see!

Again, so glad everything looks great!!

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Awesome for you! So exciting! Not to make you nervous. I didn't hear anything from my Glucose test until the doc appt today (two weeks later) and found out that there is a high possibility of me having it). I want nothing but the best for you! And your bp looks great! I am due to deliver in 9-10 weeks per doctor...I can't believe this is going to happen again!!!

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Glad you had a good appointment!