Dog Sense?!

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Dog Sense?!

My dog has been following me around like crazy. I can not get up or go somewhere without him right behind me! I know it sounds crazy but do you think that pets can sense the soon to be labor?

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I very much so believe that! Maybe something is brewing that he can sense! KUP to see if his doggy senses are right!! Wink

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I definitely believe in that! My cat has been doing the same thing to me today... purring obnoxiously at me, yelling, following me everywhere and pawing at my belly and kneading on it. He never does that! The thought crossed my mind once or twice that it might mean something. I hope it does for both of us!

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I'm beginning to wonder if my kids sense something.
My two year old who is very independent, never wants to cuddle or sit with me, even when sick, hasn't left my side/lap all day. They have both been very good today as well, no fighting, no yelling.. Just playing quietly together.
I have been having some good BHs today so who knows!

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I def think there is something to it with animals and other small children. We might be right on the edge of a baby boom here!!!:)

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I definitely believe that! Good luck!